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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Chicken Poop

I bought it - I did. I went to Walgreen's and bought it. No, not the paper plates - EW! - no, I bought the chicken poop. Honestly, when I first saw this sign, I thought some pranksters had been up to something at the Five-Points Walgreen's. It came up in conversation the next day and Holly said she had been in and saw the it's really Chicken Poop Lip Balm. (Thanks to GirlInBlack for the photo - she doesn't know I stole it.)

So, tonight I went out to pick up a few things and, instead of going to Osco, headed up to Walgreen's. I wanted to pick up a tube of Chicken Poop to satisfy my curiousity, so I went back to the pharmacy to look at their lip balms. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it and had to ask an associate where they kept the Chicken Poop. Luckily, she immediately knew what I was talking about - I wouldn't have been able to ask for it again, lol. It was up at the checkout lane and the guy just kinda looked at me when I picked it up. I put it on in the car and was immediately disappointed. :(

It's nowhere near as nice as the True Blue Spa - Wet Your Whistle stuff that I get at Bath and Body Works. I am no lip balm expert, but I think the main difference is that, in addition to beeswax, Wet Your Whistle has lanolin, shea butter, aloe, vitamin E, and oils (coconut, sweet almond, safflower, and soybean.)

Chicken Poop tells you on the package that you should 'put put it anywhere'. (yes, it says put put.) I think the thing I like least about it, though, is that it has lavender in it and that's just not an aroma that I like on my lips...or on my anywhere.

I think that I will just keep it in the pocket of my jacket and give it to all the people that ask to use my lip balm. Take that as your warning - if I don't like you, you're gonna get Chicken Poop!

Get a Little More Acquainted...

We have a new MOTM. This one is dedicated to Lynn - because she was very tired at work on Monday...

This song is (as usual) moderately unsafe for work...grab your earphones and listen.

Morningwood - Take Off Your Clothes!

When I see you baby
I wanna take off your clothes
Just rip off your clothes
Just take off your clothes

When I see you I want you to
Take of my clothes
Just rip off my clothes
Just take off my clothes
Well make yourself at home and take off your clothes
We'll get naked and we'll see how it goes

I know baby you're frustrated
(uh huh)
But I'd like it if we waited
(mm mm)
Get a little more acquainted,
It's better when anticipated
(oh, Just take off your clothes)

I wanna touch your little
Your little hip bones
Your collar bones
And all your other bones
And your happy trail
It's my happy trail
Youre treasure trail,
Let's see what goes down

Come on baby you're fixated,
(uh huh)
I think I'd like it if we waited
(uh uh)
Get a little more acquainted,
It's better when anticipated
(no its not, just take off your clothes)

Just take off your clothes

So come on baby don't be shy,
And let's begin
And I'll take off your clothes
Cause everyone knows
You like me it shows
And you know how it goes
If you take off your clothes
We'll see how it grows
I just wanna know

If you take off your clothes
(you take off your clothes)
And if you take off your clothes
(I'll take off my clothes)
And i take off my clothes
(I'll rip off your clothes)
Rip off my clothes
(I'll rip off my clothes)
Rip off your clothes
(I'll take off your clothes)
Take off your clothes
(I'll rip off my clothes)
Rip off your clothes
(I'll take off your clothes)
Come on just take off my clothes

I know baby you're frustrated,
(uh huh)
But I'd like it if we waited
(just take off your clothes)
Get a little more acquainted,
(that's right)
It's better when anticipated


Josh Weast a.k.a. Andrew Bryant

Sunday night after work, we headed over to Holly and Jeff's to watch some movies and partake of other refreshment. Lynn and I rented Saw II and The Aristocrats. Saw II was good, but The Aristocrats was hilarious.

When I got home, I heard that one of my MySpacers was in the news. He was dismissed from his cheerleading coaching position at Mater Dei high school in southern Illinois. No one has ever heard of Mater Dei before...but I dated 2 people from there and was friends with several more. Seems his past as a Falcon star came back to haunt him. Now, I have read a lot of articles berating him for not thinking that a Catholic school would have a problem with a big mo porn star coaching their kids. My take on it, though, is that he didn't even work for the school. He was hired by the parents of the cheerleaders. Now, I can understand that the parents could be upset...but he wasn't really fired from the school. He was allowed to use their gymnasium facility to coach, but was really a freelance coach.

He was quoted as commenting that someone would have had to search pretty hard - know what they were looking for - to find his movies. Well, Josh, I love ya - but this pic to the left is on your MySpace profile and any gay worth his kosher salt will recognize the Falcon logo on that picture, lol.

Just a word to all of you amateur pornstars out there - They WILL find out, lol...

Some other NOT SAFE FOR WORK pics follow...enjoy!

A Little More Milk - A Little Less Shake

So, I have been super busy with work and other stuff. Saturday night I headed out to the Knickerbocker with Holly, Crystal, and Lynn (who finally showed up) for some alcoholic enjoyment. Lynn and I have the same weekend rotation at work. One weekend we are off Sat, Sun, and Mon. The next weekend, we are both off on Sun...and the third weekend, we work all the way through. One would think that the perfect time for some over-indulgence would be our 3-day weekends. I can assure you that we almost never have anything memorable occur on our 3-day. Our weekend through, however, has been raised to near mythical proportions in reference to the amount of debauchery that we can fit in, lol.

This last weekend was no different. The Double A Daddies were playing some sort of bluegrass, tub strumming, jug blowing thing...and we were having none of it, lol. About an hour and a half after we showed up, our friend Garrett came in and joined us. A word about Garrett - The men that Holly, Crystal, Lynn, and I like form a sort of a Venn diagram of hotness. We all have very different types, but there tends to be a little overlap. Then, every once in a while, that one glorious creature comes along that fits right in the middle - equally satisfying each of our tastes. Meet Garret, lol. He's a blast to hang out with, a pleasure to look at, and a delight to talk to. (I hate the word 'delight', but I am running low on adjectives for some reason.) He got back from Iraq just a few months ago and we have all been hanging out on a pretty regular basis.

Saturday night our conversation followed our normal pattern: 1) work. 2) people we know. 3) sex. I think Garrett showed up right at the end of 'People We Know'. After a couple drinks we had moved onto 'Sex' and got on the topic of underwear. We are all of the opinion that if you are not at work, you need not wear underwear. We took our normal poll and (true to form) none of us were...even Garrett. When Garrett finished his first drink, he said he wasn't going to have another. Well, that just wasn't going to happen. Lynn offered to buy his second drink and I offered his third. He said to Lynn, "Are you trying to get me drunk to take advantage of me?" Lynn kinda giggled and I said, "Well, she is buying your second to get you tipsy...I am buying your third - so draw your own conclusions." Holly piped up and said, "I don't think there is anyone at this table that wouldn't want to take advantage of you." - to which we all rapidly agreed, lol.

At some point in the night, I am sure I said something naughty. I reached over and pretended to grab Garrett's crotch. He looked up at me and said, "Well, if you're gonna do it...do it!" and put my hand on his crotch. Well, who was I to refuse such an invitation? I did a little exploring and he said, "I thought I said if you were going to do it...Do it." Well, that's all I needed. I implemented my patented one-handed-belt-removal technique and within a few seconds I had his belt and button undone. I was going to stop, but he looked at me and then I heard a 'woohoo' from Holly. So, I went for it. Zipper down - hand in pants. Um...Damn. Boy has quite a bit going on downstairs! I later heard comments from the girls that I should have taken it out and worked on it, but you have to remember that we are sitting at a table in a bar...and I would rather not get arrested, lol. A girl started to walk over to our table, so I lowered his shirt and left him kinda hanging there while she was standing over his shoulder. She left, but I made no move back to his crotch, leaving him to his own devices to get everything put away, lol.

Soon after that, we got a conversation about why I always use the stall when I pee. My reasoning is simple. I rarely am wearing underwear, but usually have an undershirt tucked into my pants. So, I said, "One reason is that rather than be all bare-assed at the urinal, I prefer to get myself put back together in the privacy of a stall." Immediately, everyone wanted to know the other reason. So, I turned to Garrett..."Ok, question for you. You know the little rhyme 'No matter how you shake and dance, the last few drops go down your pants'...how do you avoid that?" I said I often use a square of toilet paper to blot before I put it away. He said, "I usually shake, shake, milk, shake." Being the dirty boy that I am, I said, "How about a little more 'milk', and a little less 'shake' - and let me take care of it for you." lol.

The night continued in that way for the rest of the evening, lol...until, at one point, I was standing between Holly and Garrett. I turned to Holly and said, "I will kiss that man." I guess he knew that we were talking about him and asked what I said. I turned to him, now a little embarrassed, and said, "I told her I was going to kiss you." His response, "Well...ok." Seriously - perfect man, lol.

Anyway, great night - it gets a little fuzzy after that. It wasn't till the next day when I saw Crystal that I knew we were at the bar till 4:00. No wonder I was so tired when I got up for work at 9:00.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

You're Under Arrest...

for being drunk. IN! A! BAR!

In Texas you can now be arrested for being drunk...no news there. Yeah, but - You can be arrested for Public Intox while you are still inside the bar...EVEN if you have a designated driver, are using a car service/taxi, or are in a bar in a hotel of which you are a guest!

There oughta be a law...

Madonna is a Cock Tease

We have a new Music of the Moment. 2 remixes from a forthcoming (April) 3-disc set are out today. Our new song is Get Together...remixed by Jacques Lu Cont. There is another remix out for I Love New York. Unfortunately, I don't have anough space to host it. If anyone has an extra 11 MB out there that they are willing to donate for a few days, I would certainly appreciate it. (It's better than the one I am posting, lol.)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Just a quickie for the evening before I go to bed.

I LURF that Lispy got kicked off American Idol. LURF LURF LURF. I talked to Scotty tonight online and we both pretty much had the bottom 3 right on. When Ryan Seacrest announced the bottom 3 I suddenly had a little mental meltdown: Who do I want to go home now, and who can wait? lol. I am glad Lispy got sent home...but I hope Bucky and Lisa are on their way.

Just another quick thing - I am watching Unam1mous on Fox right now. I already know I am going to be addicted to this show! I think I am going to be in the minority when I say this...but I am absolutely loving the uber-bitch queer guy. He's not like my favorite person ever - but I love that he stood up to MinisterCunt. (After watching the rest of the show, I am not so sure I like him at all now, lol - but I still like that he called MC out on her beliefs.)

Night Night

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ace of Hearts


Looking a little gay.

Just looking fucking hot!

I had sex in a truck like that once. Willing to do it again.

And shirtless is always good.

He is my Ace of Hearts

Anything You Say, Ace....

OK, so a quick American Idol rundown. I am rapidly getting sick of a lot of these people.

Mandisa - I love me some big girls...a lot of the gays do. She is a great singer, though, too...And I like that she's sticking around.

Bucky - Oh, fuck me in the goat ass. Kick this farm boy back to Arkantucky or wherever they produce things like him.

Paris - I've heard people complain that she is not recognizable from week to week. At first I thought that was a plus - she was versatile. The more I see her, though, the more I wonder if she doesn't have a very bright future as a character singer on a riverboat casino. (I love her singing.)

Chris - oooh, the vapors. He is one of the absolute best ever. I loved his version of Walk the Line and, though his clothes seemed ill-fitting, he still looked hot.

Katharine - ehh, She's really good for a girl. lol. I do kinda like her, but I think her time is going to be up soon.

Taylor - Um...My last dog, Emme, had epilepsy. Taylor reminds me a lot of Emme. Emme drooled more - but shook less.

Kevin - OK...am I the only one that is driven absolutely mad listening to his fucking lisp? How about a 'No Speech Impediment' rule?

Elliott - I like this little hill-jack. Sure his teeth are all jacked up, but he really can sing. (And we've all seen 'The Swan', right?)

Kellie - I seriously worry about this girl. When she's walking down the stairs I keep thinking that her brain is going to overload - walking and singing at the same time makes her look like she's got some jelly in her hamster wheel.

Oh - I forgot Lisa - She sucks.

Ace - I will hold you with all of my might - no worries. ;)

Welcome to Spring! (P.S. It's Snowing)

So, yesterday was the first day of spring. It hardly seems like it here in Indiana. We had a couple nice weeks from February into March. It was up in the 60's...sunny and breezy. No more of that. The flowers have been pushing up from the ground - the promise of a better season to come. Today, however, we are under a Winter Weather Warning. (Maybe it should be called a Winter Weather in Spring Warning.) Now, we aren't expecting anything like what has hit the Plains in the past week, but I am still not happy with snow in March.

We've only had one real snow this year and that was back in December. We got 6-8 inches before Christmas. Since then, though, we haven't had anything that has stuck around for more than a few hours - a day at the most. It's years like this that make me worry.

My birthday is in the beginning of April. Every time we have a 'mild' winter it snows on my birthday. I don't (at this point) have big plans for my birthday...BUT, I do not want snow.

This morning I had to run out to the mall for something. The whole trip there and back is only about 7 miles. When I left my house there was maybe a 1/4 inch of snow on the ground...no biggie. Well, that's what I thought. By the time I got on Sagamore Parkway I realized that this was no regular snow. No - this was the most evil, slippery, wet, you-can't-stop-if-you-try kind of snow. In the few miles there and back I saw !16! slide-offs and 4 fender-benders.

I was doing pretty well until I was back within a mile or so of my house when a semi realized he was in the left turn lane and needed to turn right. Well, there was almost no traffic, so he tried to turn across all the lanes of traffic and get into the right lane. I was being a good boy - going about 30 mph (and had the car dropped down into 3rd) and was prepared to stop. Everything was hunky-dory until the momentum of his trailer overcame the movement of the cab of his truck. Somehow, during his merge, he started sliding and ended up sideways - across all 4 lanes of traffic. I had plenty of time to stop, but the SUV a few yards behind me didn't. I think he just wasn't paying attention - I mean, it's not like any of this was happening quickly, lol. He tried to make it around the back end of the semi, but didn't quite make it. He barely hit the trailer, but it did a fair bit of damage to his passenger side. (I drew this pretty picture to show you all.) Well, this brought everything to a stand-still for a few minutes. The semi finally got moved out of the way and the SUV guy got off the road. I debated about whether I should wait for the police since I had seen everything, but I couldn't really tell them anything that they weren't already going to know. (Plus, I was wearing sandals...I wasn't going to wait around in the snow.)

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Friday, March 17, 2006

I Really Want to Wear Orange Today.....

I Really Want to Wear Orange Today.....

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hmmm...You Look Familiar

I bought another pair of shoes. Yes, I just bought a pair on Saturday. Yes, I already have too many shoes. Yes, I actually own this shoe already.

Well, I do...but in black. But who could resist a shoe that you already know you love...and is super comfy...and happens to have just gone on clearance. (And it comes in cognac...)

Just to clue you all in - If you go to your local May Company store through this weekend you can get some AWESOME clearance stuff. Some items are more than 80% off !AND! Buy One Get One Free! I know everyone has seen BOGO sales before, but this is seriously the craziest one I have ever seen. I literally sold a woman 4 pairs of boots and 4 pairs of shoes for $90 today. (The total before price reductions was almost $800!) Oh, did I forget to mention that with your store charge card or shopping pass you can save another 10-15%?

More Chicago

After we ran into Wentworth Miller at lunch we went over to Marshall Field's to shop. We didn't go through the whole store...just the first two floors (about 20% of the store). We didn't find anything we wanted and it was a little too busy. The St Patrick's Day Parade was that day and the Loop was all aflutter with chipper people dressed in green. After we left Field's, we headed down to Aldo cause I wanted to do some shoe shopping. I found a couple shoes that I liked, but I wasn't willing to pay $90 for a pair of sneakers that I would rarely get the chance to wear. We went to H&M and Robyn found a bunch of awesome stuff and only spent a couple hundred dollars.

When we left H&M, I realized that we were right next to Nordstrom Rack. (I could do some serious shoe shopping there, lol.) I did find a couple pairs that I wanted, but only bought one. Imagine the picture on the left as a loafer instead of a lace-up...that's my new shoe. AND! They were only $40. I have not spent less than $80 (usually more than $100) on a pair of shoes since my last unfortunate Skechers purchase. It was refreshing to walk into a store and have more than 40 pairs of shoes to choose from. There were 2 cute Diesel shoes and a cute Steve Madden sneaker that I wanted, but I refrained.

It was getting a little late in the afternoon when we got back outside and we wanted to see the river before it got too dark. For the past 45 years or so the city has dyed the Chicago River green. I have never been in the city the day of the parade, so I have always missed seeing it. In the old days, the used enough dye to color the river for a week or more. Now they use just enough food coloring to color the river for a few hours. It really is startling how bright the green is, lol. I am going to include a couple pictures here so you can get an idea of the brightness. The first pic is some people I don't know - or know why they are wearing red Sox shirts. I just include it because it really illustrates how crazy bright the river gets. The second picture shows them dying the river. (They basically just throw food coloring out the back of a boat.)

We went to Portillo's for dinner and then trekked back to Downer's Grove to get ready to go out. We didn't get on the train back into the city until 11:50 and it took us FOREVER to make it. It was mostly my fault because I had never had to change from the Blue Line to the Red Line in the Loop. We got to see the Picasso sculpture in Daly Plaza which excited me. By the time we got up to Lakeview, Robyn's feet were killing her and we had to find a Walgreen's so she could buy some pantyhose. (There's a good tip - If your shoes are killing you, try putting on stockings...they compress your feet just a little so your shoes fit a little bigger. OK, that tip is only for women, I think.)

All day long my sinuses were acting up and by the time we got to Sidetrack, i was so congested and stuffed up that my eyes were watering. But, I hadn't been in Chicago in over 6 months and I wasn't going to let it stop me. We stayed at Sidetrack till it closed and then were going to head to Hydrate. I hadn't thought about how late it was, though, and they had just upped the cover to $10. I wasn't really interested in paying $30 for a bar that I wasn't even sure Robyn would like. As we were walking to Charlies, we began to realize that I felt like absolute shit and Robyn feet were starting to hurt again. Unfortunately, Charlie's has no seating. It is literally a dance floor, a bar (2, actually), and a line for the bathroom. We were right at Addison and (gasp) went home. :( sad day. It was kinda nice to get home at 3:30 instead of 7:00...but I wish we could have stayed out.

On Sunday we went to IHOP for breakfast and then to the new IKEA in Bolingbrook. I bought a cute new day bag and some old-school popsicle molds. We all picked up some other random crap, but nothing too exciting. By the time we got back to Robyn's apartment, it was almost 6:30 and we needed to get heading back. We were almost back to Lafayette at 9:45 (1 hour time change) when Jeff called and said they were having a party...oh dear.

Turns out that almost all of our friend had Monday off...which has never happened...so we were obligated to party. And we did. I am getting tired so I will just give you a brief rundown of the action. Lots of vodka. Great music. Hot tub. Naked. LOTS of naked. Police. Police talking rather nonchalantly with naked people. Quieter music. MORE naked. blurry. blurry. fuzzy. don't remember. May or may not have broken my finger. Woke up for breakfast on Monday morning (afternoon). Home. Phone call. Sure I'll go out for a drink. Knickerbocker. 3 drinks. BW3. 1 beer. Where Else? Several 25 cent beers. Dancing our asses off till 3:00. Work this morning at 9:45. Damn, I am tired.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Lunch with Wentworth

Chicago was fun - as always. We stayed with Lynn's sister, Robyn, and she lives in Downer's Grove. It's a bit of an adjustment from staying in the city...mostly because there has to be so much more planning put into getting everywhere. I am used to walking out the door and down the street to the el and waiting for a train. Downer's Grove, though, is not on the el. The Blue Line goes as far west as Forest Park, but it's another 20 minute drive from there to Robyn's house.

We got to her apartment Saturday afternoon and decided to go shopping. We drove into Forest Park and took the train into the loop. We were going to Marshall Field's but wanted something to eat first. Unfortunately, I don't know any restaurants in the Loop - never eaten there. After walking a few blocks we had only seen McDonald's, Popeye's, and a hot dog counter. We ended up across the street from a Subway on Wabash and decided to eat there...just a bite. As I was waiting for my sanwich to be toasted, I looked behind me. Standing 2 customers behind me was the hottest guy I had seen in, like, years. As I was looking at him, he glanced at me and smiled. HOLY EFFING SHIT! Not only was he the hottest man ever, he was Wentworth Miller. After I paid for my sandwich I got my soda and lingered back toward the register. As he came up to the counter I said Hello to him and told him I really loved his show - all the gushy stuff, you know. And then, for some retarded reason, I asked him if I could pay for his sandwich. I don't know why, it makes no sense. And what I actually said was, "I would love if you would let me buy your lunch." He kinda laughed and said, "ok." I told him it was exciting to see him and went to sit down. As soon as I turned, a woman caught my eye and kinda mouthed, "Is that him?" I nodded to her and she jumped out of her chair and ran over to him. As she opened her mouth and asked for his autograph, I realized THAT was what I meant to do...not buy his lunch, lol.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Not Safe For Work (Pete Wentz)

But, it's the weekend, so none of you bitches have to work, anyway. :)

Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy likes his penis.

Friday, March 10, 2006

And Your Happy Trail - It's My Happy Trail


Music of the Moment

Panic! @ The Disco
Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can
Have Without Taking Off Her Clothes

I am going to be in Chicago for the weekend - Enjoy yourselves!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Chicago Is So Two Years Ago

We're going to Chicago this weekend! I am so super excited. There was a time that I was in Chicago every 3rd weekend, or sometimes more frequently. Unfortunately, I haven't been up since (I think) August. My friend Robyn just moved up to DuPage county and that's close enough to Chicago to get me to visit. ;) No, seriously, I would visit Robyn, anyway - but it's nice to get back to my city. The best part is that Robyn hasn't been to Grant Park, Millenium Park, The Loop, Field's...not even to the beach!

I am supposed to have dinner with my friend Michael at Lafayette City Grill this Friday night and then go out for a drink afterwards. Saturday morning we're heading up to Chicago and that's only gonna give us Saturday and Sunday in the city. I kinda want to stay through Monday, but Robyn has to work Monday. hmm. You know, we could just stay overnight Sunday night and leave with Robyn Monday morning - that would still give us Monday in Chicago before we have to come back for work on Tuesday.

The picture above is of the Great Lawn in front of Pritzker Pavillion at Millenium Park.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Well, Fuck Me Running...

Seriously...If I had girl-parts, they would be all atwitter after seeing/hearing Ace sing tonight.

Butterflies, the song he sang tonight, is out new Music of the Moment...just for tonight, I think...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Testosterone Boys and Harlequin Girls

OK, so it's been like a year since I've written anything here. But, I have good reason.

For the past 2 weeks we have been starting our largest sale of the season...Seriously huge. Last Thursday was the beginning of the sale and we sold over $30,000 of shoes in one day. Needless to say - this next paycheck is going to be NICE! The downside to such a huge sale is that there has been no time for much of anything but work and sleep. Robyn was in town over the weekend and we headed out for "a drink" on Friday night. That one drink turned into 2 hours, but it was all worth it, even though we were all beat.

As if the huge sale were not enough to tucker me out - I caught the flu. The effin' flu. It started Saturday night. I fell asleep after I got home from work and then Lynn called me around 9:00 to see if I was going to go out. I told her I was tired and to go on without me. After I got off the phone with her, I realized how warm it was. I have a heated mattress pad on my bed, so I made sure that was off and still couldn't cool off. I finally got up to check the thermostat and when I did I realized I was completely light-headed. The thermostat was set on 68, so that wasn't the problem. I went into the bathroom and took my temperature. OOPS...101.9*.

Yeah, I had a fever. And I was up the rest of the night until about 5:00 am. My fever got up to just above 103* and I started to worry about at what point they said you had to go to the hospital. Luckily, as soon as it got above 103* it started to go down. The fever hasn't returned, but I have had a screaming case of ass-piss since Sunday night.

Speaking of Sunday night (and the gay mafia might kill me for this) - I am glad Crash won Best Picture. Crash affected me so much more than Brokeback did last year. Brokeback was and is a wonderful story and I am glad that it is part of out cinematic history, but the dialogue that Crash started (Well, it started and rapidly died) was more important to me than 2 cowboys cheating on their wives. I know a lot of the gay bloggers have said that Jack and Ennis are Gay Gay Gay and there is nothing anyone can say to change that. I don't see it the same way. I don't think a gay man can participate in a heterosexual relationship and maintain a fair level of satisfaction. As much as I would love Jake and Heath to be gay, I think the characters they played were simple men that cared deeply for each other and had no other way to express they feelings for each other. (Admittedly, Jake's character was more involved than Heath's.) I have read the story and was deeply affected by it...While watching the movie, though, I was emotion-less until the very end...'the shirt scene'. Crash affected me and illicited emotions from me at least 4 times while watching it...and I left the theater wanting to talk about it. (All we said about Brokeback was "sure was longer than I thought it would be.")

There is another Music of the Moment. I did make it out of the house to buy a cd today. Because I couldn't find the one I originally wanted, you get to listen to Panic! @ The Disco - I Write Sins not Tragedies.