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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Anything You Say, Ace....

OK, so a quick American Idol rundown. I am rapidly getting sick of a lot of these people.

Mandisa - I love me some big girls...a lot of the gays do. She is a great singer, though, too...And I like that she's sticking around.

Bucky - Oh, fuck me in the goat ass. Kick this farm boy back to Arkantucky or wherever they produce things like him.

Paris - I've heard people complain that she is not recognizable from week to week. At first I thought that was a plus - she was versatile. The more I see her, though, the more I wonder if she doesn't have a very bright future as a character singer on a riverboat casino. (I love her singing.)

Chris - oooh, the vapors. He is one of the absolute best ever. I loved his version of Walk the Line and, though his clothes seemed ill-fitting, he still looked hot.

Katharine - ehh, She's really good for a girl. lol. I do kinda like her, but I think her time is going to be up soon.

Taylor - Um...My last dog, Emme, had epilepsy. Taylor reminds me a lot of Emme. Emme drooled more - but shook less.

Kevin - OK...am I the only one that is driven absolutely mad listening to his fucking lisp? How about a 'No Speech Impediment' rule?

Elliott - I like this little hill-jack. Sure his teeth are all jacked up, but he really can sing. (And we've all seen 'The Swan', right?)

Kellie - I seriously worry about this girl. When she's walking down the stairs I keep thinking that her brain is going to overload - walking and singing at the same time makes her look like she's got some jelly in her hamster wheel.

Oh - I forgot Lisa - She sucks.

Ace - I will hold you with all of my might - no worries. ;)


Blogger . said...

You are right on in my book. I am in total agreement with ya. Kevin...has GOT. TO. GO. Soon!!! Ugh. Ace...oh yea. Chris...oh yea. lol.

2:15 AM  

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