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Saturday, March 25, 2006

You're Under Arrest...

for being drunk. IN! A! BAR!

In Texas you can now be arrested for being drunk...no news there. Yeah, but - You can be arrested for Public Intox while you are still inside the bar...EVEN if you have a designated driver, are using a car service/taxi, or are in a bar in a hotel of which you are a guest!

There oughta be a law...


Blogger Rob said...

I'm sure fuckhead had something to do with it -- Texas' poster boy Georgey...he's fucked up everything else -- why not laws in Texas, too?! Sorry - I've been really hating him lately, and I like to blame everything on him - because he really deserves it. At any rate, what a pile of bullshit this is. Glad I don't live in Texas. Geez...thanks for shining the light of truth on this unfortunate circumstance, Matty! :) Hugs...

1:42 PM  

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