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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Just a quickie for the evening before I go to bed.

I LURF that Lispy got kicked off American Idol. LURF LURF LURF. I talked to Scotty tonight online and we both pretty much had the bottom 3 right on. When Ryan Seacrest announced the bottom 3 I suddenly had a little mental meltdown: Who do I want to go home now, and who can wait? lol. I am glad Lispy got sent home...but I hope Bucky and Lisa are on their way.

Just another quick thing - I am watching Unam1mous on Fox right now. I already know I am going to be addicted to this show! I think I am going to be in the minority when I say this...but I am absolutely loving the uber-bitch queer guy. He's not like my favorite person ever - but I love that he stood up to MinisterCunt. (After watching the rest of the show, I am not so sure I like him at all now, lol - but I still like that he called MC out on her beliefs.)

Night Night


Blogger Extra Ordinary Boy said...

Trying to post this for Scotty - We'll see if this works for me.

Hey, I wanted to comment on your blog but Word Verification is fucked up and I can't leave commetns for no one. So I just wanted to mention that we were right on the money..

And as for Unanimous...OMG...I am totally hooked. I mentioned it on my blog too. The Secret reveal...OMG...what a trainwreck!!! This show is going to be fabo!!! I am sure it won't last but I love (Lurf) it!

Best Regards,

12:28 AM  

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