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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

So um yeah

Hey guys. Remember me? I'm that big, bitchy faggot that you used to all read every day and then I disappeared on my birthday and never posted again. Well...I'm back :)

I would love to say that I went away to get a perspective on something or that I was envisioning a new direction for TragicDemise. Unfortunately, all I can tell you is that I stopped writing, and truly lived up to my alcoholic potential. You know how when you put something off, it gets easier and easier to keep putting it off? And once you have put it off for so long, it seems nearly impossible (or worthless) to do it at all? Well, I was thinking about coming back to the blog when Armi messaged me on MySpace with her cute little face saying she missed me on the blog. So...here I am.

So, let's go way back to where I left off. My birthday night was a BLAST! I got far too drunk (not a rare occurance) and got to spend the night with (almost) all of my best friends. I made it a strictly 'no gifts' event, so I got a lot of birthday cards. I love getting good cards...especially when they are so perfect, you know they spent more than 2 minutes at Osco to pick it up. I did get my birthday spankings...I am pretty sure I got more than 26, though, lol. Everyone took their turn, and I was still in pain the next day. (Not the sort of ass-pain I was looking forward to after my birthday, though.) Since I last wrote, we also celebrated Lynn and Holly and Robyn's birthdays. It's a good thing that we have full run of a great bar in downtown Lafayette, lol. So, we are all another year older now...Lynn 23, and Holly, Robyn, and I are all 26.

I guess I should show you what the girls got from me for their birthdays. Lynn got these BCBGirls 'Gaho' sandals in tan logo print. (The gold racing stripe is not as noticeable in person.) Of course, a week after Lynn got them, we got an even cuter pair of the same sandal, but in platinum linen. :( Maybe for Christmas, lol.

Holly fell in love with these Etienne Aigner 'Celt' peep-toe pumps in chocolate logo print. (See a pattern? lol) She actually got hers before her birthday, because she had planned her whole outfit around the shoes, lol. She had an unbelievable brown dress that was perfect for them.

You know...it's really hard to remember things that happened more than 5 drinks ago. I guess that's one good reason for me to start updating this thing daily, again, lol.

Nothing super exciting has happened...just regular life in Indiana. You know: rain, humidity, tornadoes, humidity, heat, tornadoes. Oh, did I mention that since we joined Eastern Daylight Time, the sun doesn't set until 9:30? It makes you feel very awkward to get ready to go out with the sun still up...and show up at the bar with the glow of the sun still on the horizon. 4th of July is still a month away...are we really supposed to wait until 11:00 for fireworks to start? I don't know about you, but I like to be 3 or 4 drinks into celebrating our independance by 11:00p.

Wanna see something interesting? This is my sitemeter graph of visitors over the past 12 months. Notice the huge spike in August? That was Jude Law naked pics. Now, look to the other end of the graph. April and May....See what happens when I don't write anything!? Since my last post, I have had almost 9,000 visitors! Ridiculous. My average visits per day is up more than 100 since my birthday, lol. Maybe you guys like it better when I don't write, lol. (I certainly hope not!) I am closing in on the 35,000 mark in the past 13 months...tres exciting!

Something else I found interesting: almost half of my visitors are from Europe now. Those silly Europeans... don't even know not to read something that isn't being updated. I had plans to put up a new Music of the Moment, but Insight (my hosting company) is being an ass-hat and I can't upload anything. :( I have a song I want...so we will have to see how long Insight decides to ass rape me. If anyone wants to host something for me for a couple days, let me know :) tragicdemise@gmail.com

I would love to get comments if you guys actually come back to read this. You know I love comments! :) Let me know you are still around! I just signed into GoogleReader and I have a few thousand posts to catch up on, but I will do my best!

Glad to be back...gimme love.


Blogger Pimpin' said...

Holy Jesus, you're alive!
I had just assumed you were sucked up by a tornado or something...

11:40 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

nice to see you are back on here. i like to read about what we did since i usually don't remember. lol.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Karen said...

So all it took was a, "Hey, why aren't you blogging?" message? Sheesh, who knew? Welcome back.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Josette said...

oh thank god.

8:44 PM  

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