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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Chicken Poop

I bought it - I did. I went to Walgreen's and bought it. No, not the paper plates - EW! - no, I bought the chicken poop. Honestly, when I first saw this sign, I thought some pranksters had been up to something at the Five-Points Walgreen's. It came up in conversation the next day and Holly said she had been in and saw the it's really Chicken Poop Lip Balm. (Thanks to GirlInBlack for the photo - she doesn't know I stole it.)

So, tonight I went out to pick up a few things and, instead of going to Osco, headed up to Walgreen's. I wanted to pick up a tube of Chicken Poop to satisfy my curiousity, so I went back to the pharmacy to look at their lip balms. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it and had to ask an associate where they kept the Chicken Poop. Luckily, she immediately knew what I was talking about - I wouldn't have been able to ask for it again, lol. It was up at the checkout lane and the guy just kinda looked at me when I picked it up. I put it on in the car and was immediately disappointed. :(

It's nowhere near as nice as the True Blue Spa - Wet Your Whistle stuff that I get at Bath and Body Works. I am no lip balm expert, but I think the main difference is that, in addition to beeswax, Wet Your Whistle has lanolin, shea butter, aloe, vitamin E, and oils (coconut, sweet almond, safflower, and soybean.)

Chicken Poop tells you on the package that you should 'put put it anywhere'. (yes, it says put put.) I think the thing I like least about it, though, is that it has lavender in it and that's just not an aroma that I like on my lips...or on my anywhere.

I think that I will just keep it in the pocket of my jacket and give it to all the people that ask to use my lip balm. Take that as your warning - if I don't like you, you're gonna get Chicken Poop!


Blogger kinkyrhombus said...

hmm... this sounds like a cheesy marketing ploy along the lines of that former energy drink known as "whoop ass"

and 3.99??? yuck. i'll stick with my mint carmex sticks.

lavendar is for granola lesbians.

3:52 PM  
Blogger Rigo said...

I want one!

2:15 AM  

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