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Friday, June 02, 2006


if I am going to blog, I should blog...i guess.

Thanks to the few of you that commented on me being back!

Just a quick run though of my day. I had the cabinet guy come to measure my kitchen because i am getting new cabinet...duh. He showed up about 9:00 and the installer at about 9:15. We went through the plan and all is good. (plus, a 52% discount...it helps to be cute AND knowledgable sometimes.) I had to work this evening, so I went in at 12:30 and we were so fucking busy it was ridiculous. I sold almost $2,000 in shoes today. ON A THURSDAY! Ridiculous, I told you.

After work, I was sure that a friend from high school's band was playing at the Knickerbocker...but we showed up and paid our $4 cover and then realized that they are playing tomorrow. So I proceeded to drink 5 stoli gimlets (in pint glasses.) For those of you not familiar with the gimlet, it is a cocktail containing 95% vodka and 5% lime juice. So, I had about 5 pints of vodka tonight...and I am still writing for you! WOOHOO!

I am, though, unforgivably drunk. and must sleep.


I promise to be more sober next time I post...I promise I have things to talk about, lol...

By the way, this is a picture of TC on a mag cover. I looked just like this the last time I walked away from the Lancome counter. (Yeah, I looked a little too airbrushed.)


Blogger Jake McCafferty said...

Notice the headline type is in pink for Mr. Tooth.

And I didn't know you were back, or I would have noted it. Only when you were the first-ever Hurricane Central commentor did I know you were alive. And now you'll go down in history.

Welcome back!

11:33 PM  
Blogger Armilish said...

The Most Powerful Actor? You've got to be kidding me!! That title is sooo not deserving for him. He's lost alot of fans, including myself, though I have to admit, I saw MI3 yesterday and thought it was okay.

2:41 AM  

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