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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

SOOO.....How've You All Been?

In case you were actually wondering about how "The Omen" was...it was good. I guess that was a while ago, huh? 18 months off is a pretty good break, lol.

The funny thing is - I never planned to stop blogging...I just quit. After seeing the movie and going out for drinks with Lynn, I just never blogged again. And it's one of those things - the longer you don't do it, the easier it is not to.

Here's a little catch-up in case anyone actually comes across this...

The store I worked for merged with Macy's (hereafter known as "The Devil"). I stayed for a whole year after the merger and then took my leave for MUCH greener pastures. I moved from women's shoes to menswear...a pretty big leap. Check your area for a Jos. A. Bank Clothiers (pronounced Joseph A Bank). That's ME now!

Anyway, this is just a toe back in the water...please let me know if anyone's out there!