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Monday, December 19, 2005

Complimentary Spamments?

I have gotten two posts lately with (what I think are) spam comments. I've gotten these before, I think we all have...they usually say something about loving your site and hey you should check out www.buymything.com. But on these two posts there are comments that don't link back to anything and the webpages they use as links are defunct. I guess it doesn't hurt anything, but it seems kinda like a waste of time to me, right?

This has been my three day weekend - last days off before xmas - and I have been taking advantage of every lazy second of it. I went out with Holly and Crystal on Friday night after the store closed and then we closed the bar...time for hot-tubbing! lol We headed back to Jeff's and Holly and I got the tub uncovered and started while Jeff made some (holy crap-strong) drinks for us. I hadn't had that much to drink - only three drinks at the bar, i think...(not counting the one that slipped out of my hand, spilled on my lap, and broke on the floor.) I think my rapid-onset drunkenness came about from a combination of the cold air, hot water, and STRONG drink...just a theory, lol...

I crashed on their couch in the family room that night and woke up around 10:00 Saturday morning while Holly was getting ready for work. Crystal came down a little later and we were chillin' on the sofa when Jeff came in with a plate full of leftover Chinese food. I hadn't even had a notion of nausea until that very moment...veeeerrrrrryyyy slowly I walked upstairs to the bathroom and threw up (I hope quietly). I was fine after that, but I was still super tired when I got home and I slept until early afternoon. After I woke up and showered, I realized that I still hadn't bought anything for anyone for xmas. (Hey, I don't want to celebrate it, but that doesn't mean people should feel slighted come Sunday.) So, I headed out and got stuff for my grandmother, sister, Lynn, Holly, and Brittnie. Considering I spent almost $200 on those 5 people, everyone else will have to wait till next weekend. (Plus, there will be bigger sales next weekend.)

A couple of people have commented that it would suck to work commission and be off on the busiest day of the year (traditionally the Saturday afternoon before xmas). Au contraire, mes amis...In shoes our busiest day of the year is the day after xmas. Everyone returns what they never wanted in the first place and buys themselves pretty shoes for the new year. Our sales plan for Monday is twice that of any day leading up to xmas...So I am happy to have these mediocre days off to gear up for the next 2 weeks. When I go back to work tomorrow, the 25th will be my only day off until the 30th...I work the 5 days before xmas and the 4 days after - this could add up to about $1,000 in the next two weeks for Matty. Let us hope! :)

I would like to say I will be blogging in my off moments from work, but I can't guarantee anything. I said a few weeks ago that it would make my year to hit the 20,000 visitor mark by the end of the year. Considering how little I have written lately, it would be no one's fault but my own if I don't make it. My average has dropped from nearly 100 visitors per day to about 40...oops. As I write this, I am at 19,679...so I only need about 300 more. It's an arbitrary mark, but it would make my day to hit 20,000 since the end of March.

So - As my half-serious plea for visitors I give you the (Almost) Daily Bit of Holiday Hotness...I like to call it the (A)DBHH...it flows of the tongue better, lol. Here is a group of pics from one of the Real World/Road Rules challenges...I don't think you will see any of these on television ;) It's Eric Neis and Laterrian playing something that I can't think of a better name for than Enema Wars with the jets in the pool... Click for bigger pictures...


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