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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Last Christmas @ Field's

This year is the last year to celebrate Christmas at Marshall Field's on State St. in Chicago. Above you see the iconic clock on one corner of the building where generations of people have met for lunch with the words "Meet you under the Field's clock." No more.

Several architectural groups are lobbying to have the Marshall Field and Company building designated a historic landmark to prevent any cosmetic changes to the building. What this would mean for shoppers is that although it will say Macy's on the bag, it will always be Field's on State.

This picture shows one of the atriums in the building that houses the escalators. In the foreground you can see the 14' fountain that the store is a great gathering spot in the store. Behind the fountain is the bank of escalators onto which is projected an art piece of falling snow.

Another famous attraction at Field's on State is the Christmas tree in the Walnut Room restuarant on the 7th floor. Each year the tree is put up and, at 45 feet tall, dominates the space.

This is looking down onto the cosmetics floor from the second floor. Two atriums are decorated with these enormous holiday ornaments and garlands. Macy's/Federated has vowed to continue many of the Field's Christmas traditions, but it will never again be a Merry Christmas at Marshall Field and Company. To view the amazing display windows that this year celebrate the story of Cinderella click here.


Blogger Mark said...

I am so going to miss Marshall Fields! It has always been my Disneyland in the Midwest! :(

1:15 PM  

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