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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Fierceness Is Always Welcome

We (finally) have some new Music of the Moment. I got an invitation to a fundraiser organized by the Friends of Hillary to raise money for Hillary Clinton's 2006 Senate re-election campaign. The event is this Saturday at crobar Chicago. It just so happens that Victor Calderone is appearing the next night. (Yes, I would kill to be able to be in Chicago this weekend, lol.) I dug through some old music and found this great gem from years (seriously, years) ago. This is from a part of my past when I was a friend of friends of Tina...never acquainted with her myself...and this song was always in regular rotation in our group. Particularly at after-hours parties, the host would play this song while he picked people to dance in the windows...it's pretty fitting. So, here is 'Circuit Boy' from Victor Calderone feat. Alan T.

Just realized that the last time I wrote was Saturday night and Lynn and I were going out to campus bars. We sure did hit the campus bars. We started out at Jake's Roadhouse and met up with James and another guy and his girlfriend. (I'm really bad at names.) We sat around the table playing card (read: drinking) games. The one I actually remember is called Player's Club and it was BRUTAL. After a while we headed over to Where Else? to dance and everyone but James disappeared while Lynn and I were on the dance floor. Right at last call we decided to run across the street to Harry's Chocolate Shop for one last drink, but it was almost 3:00 and they weren't letting anyone else in. Luckily, we knew if we could make it downtown we could still have a cocktail at the Knickerbocker before they closed. It must have been after 3:00 when we got there, but we sat there for a few minutes with the regulars and then decided that we should drive out to Romney to go hot-tubbing at James' house. James said it was only 10 miles away, but it sure did take us almost 25 minutes to get there. All I know is that I didn't get home until 7:30 in the morning and I was done.

Tuesday night Lynn, Holly, and I went (finally) to go see RENT. I have said before that I was worried that they were going to fuck it up. I have seen the stage show 12 times, but my worries were fairly unfounded. I LOVED the movie - and still cried in all the same places. I did notice a little rearranging and some missing songs, but I think they did a great job. After the movie we went to The Knickerbocker for "a drink". I know what you're thinking, "A drink, what's that?". Well, clearly Jeff was trying to kill us. I don't know how you make a tall gimlet any stronger, but he made it happen. All three of us were drunk after our first drink - and then kept going. I talked with Holly about the possibility of us moving in together into the Lahr Apartments downtown. (Convenient because, if you look at the picture of the Lahr Hotel above, the Knickerbocker is the door on the right...IN the building - There is no more Piggly Wiggly downstairs...it's now a super nice French restaurant, Bistro 501.) Evidently Lynn was leaving at the same time as Billy and I pulled her (not very) aside to tell her that she should hit that shit. Evidently everyone in the bar heard me, but I care not. I also made out with someone - or two or three people, I am really not sure. Our friend Ben was there, drinking shots of Don Julio. Bad news. I ended up spending the better part of an hour sitting on the bathroom floor with him - rubbing his back, wiping his mouth, and giving him water - while he threw up on a fairly regular basis. Hot. The bar was closing down and I walked him home and had Jeff and Holly meet me there for a ride home. When I got him into bed, he asked me to help him take his boots off - and then his jeans - and then thanked me for not trying to take advantage of him. No worries there - vomit is not the scent I like my men to wear. I gave him a kiss on the forehead and wished him well...

Today we woke up to snow...only about an inch - and it started to melt off the streets by the time I got to work at 8:45. There is one thing that men and snow have in common: an inch is just a pain in the ass. (Actually, I guess 1 inch on a man would just be a disappointment.)

That's all caught up then - I will try to write about something more interesting in the next couple days. ;)


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