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Monday, November 21, 2005

I Won....I'm The Winner...

Not really...just a great line from one of my favorite movies, Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Everyone's favorite BratBoy has been a busy boy updating his site lately. He added a Partners Page for people that link to, talk about, or otherwise support his site. Well, on the new, improved Partners Page there is a sort of peer rating system. Ethan has published the results of the first few days of peer ratings. Check out the winners here and look who made it. Yup, little ole TragicDemise is included in the top 10! Exciting n'est-ce pas? Mais oui... My favorite alphanumeric boy made it, too...Love it. Make sure you hop on over to the Brat Boy School and hit the admissions page so you can get all the features offered. (And, after you sign in, remember to go rate me a '5', lol!)

Nothing too exciting to report except that Matty is tired tired tired. I have 3 days off this week - Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday - so hopefully I can recuperate a little. Lynn and I have our 3-day weekend coming up after Thanksgiving so we will be heading into Chicago for some shopping and (hopefully) lunch at the Walnut Room at Field's. It's been years since I have been able to spend Thanksgiving weekend on Michigan Avenue with all the holiday decorations and the AMAZING windows. (If I think about it, I will try to take some pictures for you guys.)

Anyway...the hour is late and the Matt is tired. Sorry it's been so boring lately...I have just been working, and I can't talk about that anymore, lol...it's just too much.


Blogger kinkyrhombus said...

i remember the holiday season and all those stupid shoe sales at macys. and the women! they just go mad for shoes.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Matt S. said...

I gave you a 5 out of five over on Ethan site, keep up the good work Matty!

6:19 PM  

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