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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Coward's Meme

Inspired by Chip-Chat Matt.

1)List ten things you want to say to people, but know you never will.
2)Don't say who they are.
3)Disable comments.
4)Never discuss it again.

1) You are the one. You always have been and (probably) always will be. I don't say it because I love you too much to make you make a choice.

2) You are not the one. You never have been and you (probably) never will be. I don't say it because I don't love you enough and I don't want you to make a choice.

3) I loved you. I hate you. I was mean to you. You ruined me.

4) I'm sorry I wasn't there. Sorrier than you will ever know.

5) I want to call you, but I have nothing important to say.

6) I'm glad you're dead. I wished it upon you for years and it makes me happy every time I remember.

7) You think you know my secrets. You don't know anything that thousands of strangers haven't read on this blog. No one knows my secrets.

8) I only slept with you because you told me you were your twin brother.

9) I am a stronger and better person than you will ever be. It's sad because you could be a gorgeous person if you weren't so hateful.

10) Your vanity and shallowness disgust me. It's sad because everyone thinks you are a gorgeous person.
That was therapeutic...and exhausting, lol...

I am not going to disable comments...I am a comment whore - we all know this.

One other thing: Anything Anderson Cooper compares to ejaculation is fine by me. Count me as a proud premature grayer...


Blogger David said...

That was fascinating. I think I will steal it.

1:16 AM  
Blogger Matt S. said...

Hey, I was just going through some of your old stuff, I don't know how I missed that you did this meme, I am glad that you did. It is kind of cathartic in a way to release the secrets!

6:08 PM  

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