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Monday, October 31, 2005

I'm Tired of "I'm Tired of Being Sorry"

OK...This is getting a little ridiculous, lol. When I first posted Ringside - 'Tired of Being Sorry', it was just because I had seen the video and happened to pertain to my life that particular day. I left it up for a couple days, like I do with most MOTMs, and then replaced it. Then I noticed something in my statistics...a LOT of people's google searches for the lyrics of that song were leading them here to TragicDemise. Seeing an obvious interest in the song, I reposted it. Well - for me, at least, the song has lost its shine.

When I got home from work today I checked my site statistics like I usually do. (I like to know where you are all coming from and it keeps me up-to-date when someone adds a link to me so I can send them some link-love.) I was curious about something so I took a count. Thirty three of my last 100 visitors were referred here by searching for one of several popular lyrics from that song. um...holy crap. It's nice to know I was on top of something - I like to be the first kid on the block to catch on. (The last time we had such a huge interest in any one item here on TragicDemise was back in August with Jude's Nudes.)

Don't worry, though, if you are coming for the song. You can still click here to hear the song. (The lyrics can be found in one of my past posts that I don't have the interest to find.)

So...a couple things have come together for our new MOTM. While checking my stats, I came across a couple referrals from the same website. When I checked it out, I found that a new blog has linked to me. Scoot a little around the table to make room for Ziggy from Simply Complicated. If you have read me for a while (or I talk to you 'off-blog') you probably know I have a thing for 'straight' guys. I am not going to pretend that the guys I catch are 'straight'...straight men don't do some of these things, lol. But, it's evidently gotten bad enough that Britt is forbidding me from approaching anyone else from 'her team', lol. Anyway...the though of soccer practice, water polo, the football team...um...what was I saying? Oh yeah...we have a new MOTM - Johnny McGovern aka GAY PIMP - Soccer Practice. I hope you like it.

One other thing...tonight is Halloween and I hope everyone has fun plans. Lynn and I are going to the Knickerbocker tonight for their Halloween 'House' Party. They are having a DJ spinning house and techno from 10-close and I am uber-excited. There is also a costume contest that I am hoping Lynn and I will win. (Photos to follow asap.) Have a good night, everyone...

*****I was just talking to Pimpin' D about my search results fiasco. Evidently, at www.google.pl I am, like, result #4 when you search "Maybe you were right". As if that weren't odd enough - Take a look at the pic on the left. This is a breakdown of my recent visitors...

Yes, you are seeing correctly. 51% USA - 27% POLAND! Well, welcome to all of our Polish friends...don't know how that song blew up in Poland, but glad you are liking it! :)


Blogger Rob said...

Matty - my buddy...what a guy! My many thanks for the shout out about my blog - and I thank you for the reciprocal link to my site on your site. Jonny is a hottie and I do like the video. Again - thanks for the kind words about my site - and keep cummin' back - I'll definitely keep cummin' back to yours!


6:33 PM  
Blogger Jake McCafferty said...

A Pollock, a Mick and a Dago walk into a bar ... oh well, you get the picture, they get drunk.

9:11 PM  
Blogger david said...

polish people love you! and so do colombio/spaniards like me cheers

1:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for being the "Cool Kid" I stumble upon when I try to figure out who sings that song with the "...tired of being sorry" and the "silver moon" lyrics. I've been hearing it on the radio forever and they NEVER say who it is. I'm half Polish, maybe that is why I like the song. Perhaps the beat makes me recall pierogi summers and kielbasa Christmases. The song is a little Latin-sounding, which is ironically what the other half of me is.

You keep an interesting blog. I, too, enjoy the "Soccer Practice" video. Maybe I'll have to keep up with you.


6:47 PM  
Blogger Josette said...

poland: you are not forgotten.

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Dorotka :-) said...

Thanks for the song ;-))) I finally found it heh in our Polish broadcasts nobody made an effort to mention the name of the artist ;-) at least in those which I listened to :-) greetings from Poland :-)

6:45 PM  
Anonymous Dallas Delamater said...

I am looking forward to your posts.

9:12 AM  

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