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Monday, November 07, 2005

If You Can't PR Your Brother -

you aren't really a PR agent anymore, LeeAnne DeVette. Evidently, Mr. Crazy 2005 has decided that since he has gone from one of the most loved celebrities to one of the least, he needs a new PR guy.

How about this, Tom? How about a little LESS CRAZY, you stupid fuck.

*****In other crazy: Jack White (of White Stripes fame?) has decided to change his name during their tour of the United Kingdom. He wants fans to call him Three Quid. You know...If I were going to change my name (which I plan to someday) I would choose something a little more exciting (or at least a higher dollar amount) than Three Quid.

Also crazy...A Romanian man has seen the face of Jesus on the side of his wardrobe. Oh, and not just Jesus. He's hanging out with saints Peter and Paul, too. Now, here's my thing - I have seen PLENTY of wood panelling in my time. Panelled walls, veneered furniture...it's pretty easy to 'see' things in butterflied veneers especially. One of my first apartments had veneered closet doors and if you were in just the right mood (or stage of inebriation) you could see an old man, a squirrel, and a naked woman in my closet doors. I never called the authorities about it... {If you have ever seen Drop Dead Gorgeous, did you see the Penis on the Door? Look for it!}


Blogger Jake McCafferty said...

That's what you get when you hire family. Especially when the rest of your family is as nuts as you are.

By the way, she will continue to direct his CoS, um, "activities" -- as if brainwashing is campfire fun.

9:38 PM  

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