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Monday, November 07, 2005

And the Poets are Just Kids Who Didn't Make It...

Hey kids...How's everyone been? Good - that's good to hear. I would love to say that real life has just been TOO very exciting for me to have time to blog. Unfortunately, it's just that every time I have sat down here at my computer, there are no words worth putting down. Unfortunately, now I have all week to catch you guys up on.

Well, the last thing I wrote was last Monday, getting ready to go out for a Halloween night at the Knickerbocker. It's been a while and I'm a little fuzzy on what happened that night, but Lynn and I definitely won the costume contest. We went as JFK and Jackie - justafter the assassination. (I know, we're going to hell.) The prize was $50 (which we split) and I think I remember some free drinks thrown in there. After the bar closed, we headed over to Jeff's and everyone sure did end up in the hot tub (naked). Well, I say everyone, but Lynn disappeared upstairs with FH who was too drunk to take care of business. Around 6:00 Tuesday morning I caught a ride home with this girl who had been dressed as a sumo wrestler...and I still forget her name...crap. I was off work on Tuesday, so when I got home I talked to 20 and spent the entire day at his apartment napping between bouts of amazing sex.

Nothing exciting Wednesday...that I can remember. Thursday night we went to the bar for a couple drinks after work and we were good and only had 2 drinks apeice and then went home. I bought the new Fall Out Boy cd on Friday and that's exciting. Everyone I know is super-surprised that I would like FOB - evidently they are 'too punk for me'...'too hard for me'...'not top-40 enough for me'. Well, I happen to have a very wide range of musical tastes and I certainly wouldn't call FOB 'punk'. Regardless...

Friday night we had promised Britt that we would go out to some campus bars with her. We had ourselves almost convinced that they weren't as bad as we remembered. We were wrong. We started at Brother's about midnight. The downstairs bar was too busy to get to so we went upstairs. You know what sucks? When you spend an hour or so getting all pretty (perfect hair, clothes just right, new cute jeans, everything is making you feel good) and then you go to a bar that is too crowded for anyone to see what you are wearing and so hot inside that you immediately start to sweat through your clothes. That sucks. We staked out a spot right by the door to catch Britt when she walked in and let her know we wanted to leave. When she finally got there it had actually gotten BUSIER and she agreed that we should leave. We headed over to Stacks (Wabash Yacht Club) and it was just as busy...and smaller. Luckily, some of Britt's friends had secured a booth near the back. All the seats were full, but there was a little floorspace for us. That was fine until the bar got BUSIER. I ended up standing with one foot on a step, the other in mid-air and holding onto a pole for about 20 minutes. We said our goodbyes and headed to Where Else? because we thought we might, at least, get to squeeze in a couple dances. Well, we could have if the music hadn't sucked my ass that night. We didn't even finish our drinks because we realized that it was about 2:30 and if we really tried to book we could make it to the Knickerbocker for a drink before the end of the night.

We made it to the Knickerbocker and got our drinks...hung out and chatted for a little while and then headed home. We hadn't gone 10 blocks when we decided we were hungry, but Lynn refused to go to Tri Chi, so we pulled a uey and headed back across the river to Steak n Shake. yum. Long story-short...Lynn had gotten so hammered on the 2 drinks she had that night that we ended up sleeping late on Saturday and got nothing accomplished. I ended up waking up in the morning with her cat's (named Harold Trousers) ass in my face. Normally, it wouldn't have been that much of an issue, but I was already feeling a little queasy and it just built me up into a big ball of throw-up. typical.

Saturday night we headed back out to the Knickerbocker and we were both in kind of a foul mood for some reason. We said a quick hello to some friends and then ducked into a 2-booth near the wall. For some reason, the nights that you question whether you should just go home are always the ones that turn out the craziest. Alex showed up and got us cheered up - he always can. Our little pity party for 2 turned into about a dozen people rotating between a couple 4-tops and booths. I got to talk to Joe, who is getting ready to open his new restaurant (Lafayette City Grill) Thanksgiving weekend. We have been invited to a champagne reception sometime that week...but I forget when. Josh (who maintained that we was NOT drunk) was running around in his underwear and shirt for awhile...no socks, no shoes, NO PANTS! Yeah, Josh...you're sober. I also got to meet (and I am pretty sure freak out) Josette from GirlInBlack4.5. I was really excited because I recognized her, but she was a little less excited than me, lol...

At the end of the night, Lynn and I were going to head over to Jeff's for a little afterparty and were trying to talk Alex into coming with us. Lynn actually gave him $20 to make him come out...for 3 hours, lol. I was the most sober of all of us in the car, so I drove. (I had 4 drinks in about 4 1/2 hours.) As I was pulling out of the parking spot.....scrape.....WTF!? I hit a taxi. I had just looked behind me into the street and it wasn't there...the guy said later that he saw me pulling out just as he pulled up. Anyway, I jumped out of the car and started talking to the guy. Of course, it being a company car, we had to call the police. There was a little damage to Lynn's bumper, and hardly a scratch on the taxi. The police officer finally showed up and (holy crap he was hot) started asking questions about how it happened. Luckily, he actually believed it was an honest accident. At one point he turned to me and said I looked nervous and I told him...completely honestly...that I was. I have driven for 9 years and never even hit a curb, let alone another car. I think that got him on my side...he actually put his hand on my shoulder and said, "You know...sometimes things like this happen. You were trying to give some people a ride and he slid in right behind you. It's really no one's fault." AWESOME! Luckily, when the taxi-owner-guy got there, he didn't want to file an insurance claim so we were free to go. Alex had stayed with us throughout the police ordeal, but FH took off. (Something about being on probation or not wanting to get Public Intox or something.) We were just glad to be rid of him, lol. We got back in the car and headed over to Jeff's. After we got there and mixed some drinks, Jeff showed up and got the hot tub going. You have never seen people go from fully dressed to naked and wet so fast in your life, lol. I'll gloss over the details - let's just leave it as there was a lot of nakedness, a lot of touching, a lot of sliding around, a lot of excitement, a lot of everything...but no sex. All of this was going on while there was a great thunderstorm brewing overhead which just made it that much better. When we finally got out of the hot tub and re-dressed, the sun was up and I drove Alex home and then crashed at Lynn's house. We got to sleep about 8:00 on Sunday morning and slept for most of the day. We woke up just in time to get ready and head over to Britt's to watch West Wing, Des Wives, and Grey's Anatomy.

Unfortunately, that thunderstorm brewing overhead Saturday night was becoming one of the strongest and deadliest tornadoes of the year in southwestern Indiana. It reached the strength of an F3 which indicated winds of up to 200 mph. Tornado season is usually March through June - but outside of that window, November is the deadliest month for tornadoes around here. So far 22 people have been found dead. The storm had a width of over 500 yards and was on the ground for nearly 20 miles...crazy.

Anyway, today is my last day off for my 3-day weekend...back to work tomorrow. I think we might go see a movie this afternoon, but no set plans.

There's your update on everything from the week...hopefully I will get back in a more regular posting rhythm soon.


Blogger that matt guy said...

festive pictures you got there!

I haven't been blogging either, but oh well.

4:56 PM  
Blogger Josette said...

i need to write formal letters of apology to everyone in the bar that night. good lord, i was SO trashed.

also, i am totally crashing that champagne reception! [except it won't really be crashing, uh, i think, maybe]

7:20 PM  
Blogger Jay Six said...

You know how to keep busy, kid. I have nowhere near anything that eventful to report!

9:25 PM  

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