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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Let's Catch Up

There's actually not a whole lot to catch up on since I wrote last. My family doesn't really do holidays together, so Thanksgiving was just a bonus (paid) day off for me this week. I did absolutely nothing all day. After I had gotten up and taken a shower I put on my new PJ pants and crawled into bed to watch some movies. I had planned to rent movies, but I couldn't motivate myself into the car, so I just re-watched some movies I have and listened to the commentary of some movies that I had meant to catch.

Friday morning I had to be at work at 6:45 in the morning for Black Friday. (Black Friday, by the way, is NOT the busiest day of the shopping season - not even close. It actually comes from retail speak for the time of year that companies can usually expect to start earning pure profit - being 'in the black'.) We had $10 Early Bird reward cards for people until 11:00 am, so you know that was hell. Our clearance shoes were also buy one, get one free until 11:00 am. Sounds pretty simple, right? Evidently it's the most comfusing concept to hit Greater Lafayette in years. Like almost every other department store in the country, our clearance shoes are housed on racks in the back of the department - topped with big "CLEARANCE Fashion Shoes Buy One Get One Free" signs. Why people would think that everything in the department was BOGO is beyond me. That actually brings me to a point I wanted to make to everyone shopping for the holidays. If you get to the register to check out and something is a price you didn't expect...before you berate the employee, think about this - You are probably wrong...you probably read the sign incorrectly...stores are smart enough to not advertise incorrectly 99% of the time. My suggestion is this: Either pay for it and forget about it, or go to the Customer Service department and ask a Manager to explain the situation to you. It's not that a Manager can explain the situation any better than an associate, but that associate probably doesn't have the time to take away from other customers for you...and you won't believe any words out of an associates mouth, anyway.

By the time I got home Friday night, I was in the 'Why do I still work retail' mode. Pile that on top of the fact that I had been mopey since 20 left and then pissed at myself for being sad and all I wanted to do was go out and get sloshed.

Unfortunately, Lynn and Robyn were on their way to Louisville for the night to visit other family and Holly and Brittnie had to work late. So, I stayed at home with a bottle of Stoli. While getting progressively more drunk I decided to try to clean house around here on TragicDemise. Unfortunately, I am not that good at HTML when I am sober...each sip of deliciously chilled vodka just made it worse, lol. By the time I had kinda gotten some stuff done, my computer decided to freeze/crash/die. So - no changes around here for now.

By the way, I would like you all to know that nothing goes better with a bottle of ice-cold Stoli than a box of LU cookies. I chose Le Petit Ecolier in Extra Dark Chocolate. They come in several varieties that are each better than the last. (You can find them in most supermarkets either in the gourmet cookie aisle or near the crackers.)

Tonight Lynn and I are planning to hit the campus bars with the hopes that the holiday weekend will have thinned the crowd slightly. I talked to her at 9:00, got in the shower at 9:40 and was ready by 10:15. Well, here it is at 11:00. I know it takes women longer to get ready than most men...but an extra 90 minutes? I don't get it. I think she has time management issues.


Blogger Armilish said...

I went through that whole "why am I still in retail" phase a bunch of times when I was working. (Thank god for the pregnancy vacation!) Eventually, you get over it, or you start looking for something different.

BTW, those cookies are SOO good. :)

3:14 PM  

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