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Thursday, December 08, 2005

I'm Dreaming of a White Holiday

So, Prezzie Bush is getting heat from conservatives for the holiday card sent from the White House this year. This years card expresses a general wish of well-being and happiness through the holiday season. This is similar to all holiday cards from the White house in recent years. Conservatives are blasting him for not including 'Merry Christmas' in the card. The last time the White House card included that phrase was in 1992 from Bush1. [A Chicago Tribune poll indicates that 57% of readers do NOT think that the White House holiday card should say Merry Christmas.] I, for one, think it is entirely appropriate to wish Happy Holidays rather than a Merry Christmas. I work with the public on a daily basis and would never dream of saying Merry Christmas to a customer. I am not a Christian. My family does (kinda) celebrate Christmas...but not in any spiritual way. When a customer wishes me a Merry Christmas I do not rebuke them and make them take it back, but I wish them a Happy Holiday. I guess what I am saying is that I don't completely disagree with Bush2 on this one. (Not that I think he actually had anything to do with it, lol.)

My paternal grandfather, I have been told, passed away this morning. So, it's official that the three biggest assholes in my life all died this year. Unfortunately, I also lost 3 people that were very important to me - I guess everything evens out... I wonder if this means I get a free day off work now? I think when my father died they insisted on giving me the day off...but at this time of the year I would rather work and make the money than sit at home for a day off. (Although, I would get funeral pay...they have got to be sick of paying me for that, lol.) I was looking for his obituary online today (not there yet) and came across a tool that lets you look up property values for Tippecanoe County. Looks like my grandfather owned over $500,000 in property alone in addition to the house and buildings on the farm. Almost makes me think it would have been worthwhile to stick around for the money - almost.

In snow news: It started snowing this morning around 11:00 and still hasn't let up. It is supposed to continue through 4:00 am and then blow/drift until noon tomorrow. There are about 6 inches of snow in my neighborhood and roads are HORRIBLE. This afternoon I called for a pizza and went to pick it up. I left my house at 2:15 to drive to the pizza place which is 4 miles away. I got home at...Anyone wanna guess? Oh, come on - GUESS! OK, fine - I got home at 3:30. Eight miles in 75 minutes...not exactly the Indy 500. At one point I was on 52 idling at 4 mph and was keeping up with traffic. We open tomorrow at 7 am, I have to be in at 8:45, and I predict we will not pick up business until noon at the earliest. It will suck - and we're open till midnight...at least that's not my shift (this time). You should all go out to your local May Co. store and give us something to do...

Here is a radar pic for you all to enjoy. At least Indiana is not COMPLETELY covered in snow as it was all afternoon. I put in an approximation of where I-65 is and a circle where I am...looks like the worst of the snow is past us. That's exciting. My dog Bella has mixed feelings about the snow. When I open the door from the 3-season porch onto the patio she looks at me like I've lost my fucking mind. Once she is out in the snow, though, it's hard to get her back inside. What's sad is that she is really short and right now the snow is up to her belly, so when she pees it touches her hoohaa...She doesn't like that very much.


Blogger Jake McCafferty said...

So you're probably not going to like my "holiday" tree rant today. LOL

11:47 PM  
Blogger . said...

Yea we got 7 " today...ugh!

I will have to check out this holiday card thing!

12:39 AM  

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