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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Some Days the Good News Outweighs the Bad

First of all, I am feeling SO much better than I have been this past weekend. Thanks to everyone that commented and e-mailed wishing me well.

I (re)bought the RENT Broadway cast recording today. This makes the third time I have bought it. One I gave away to someone who was visiting and fell in love with it. Another just 'disappeared' during a party. I went to fye on my break today at work and looked for it. They were sold out, but were supposed to be getting more this afternoon. Well, by the time I left work and called them, they still hadn't gotten any. Being the instant gratification person that I am, I just went to Best Buy (not one of my favorite stores, but the one that happened to be on my way home) and spent $34 on the 2-disc set rather than the $26 I would have spent had I been able to wait to go back to fye tomorrow. Good News: I have the RENT cast recording again. Bad News: I spent $8 more than I needed to. (I probably could have found it even cheaper, but I am not a bargain hunter.)

I also bought my xmas present to myself today. Considering we have some pretty chilly nights here in the Great Lakes, I bought myself a heated mattress pad. My bed is one of my absolute favorite places in the world...I spend moderately extravagant amounts of money making it a safe haven of comfort and warmth. (That's another thing about my bed - it's for sleeping, not sex...The are more exciting places to have sex, lol.) I have an orthopedic pad, a comfy mattress pad, ridiculously high thread count sheets, a luscious down blanket, and an incredible duvet...and now a heated mattress pad... :) Good News: No more cold feetsies. Bad News: I can't think of any right now.

My sister visited me at the store today. My paternal grandfather went into the hospital last night with a stroke. Tonight they plan an EEG and, as determined by the results, they will pull the plug. Most of you know I have had little contact with my father's family since my mother's death in January, 1999. My father and paternal grandmother both died in April of this year. Some of you know I have been planning (toying with the idea, really) to change my name. (The crest to the left is my family's crest...the Latin translates to 'endeavor to assist the distressed'.) The point of this name change would be to distance myself from the local legacy of my family in the community and (more importantly) in my own mind. I had kind of been waiting that family out, so there would be no objection to my planned change...so... Good News: No obstacles remain that would dissuade me from carrying through with the change. Bad News: __________ I guess that my grandfather may be dead as I write this. (Hardly counts as bad news in my book.)


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Bda news on the heating pad...finding just the RIGHT temp so you don't wake up with night sweats from having it too hot!

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