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Sunday, December 04, 2005

OK, So Here's Me.....

OK, it's a gross picture, I know. It's also not me - it's Keanu. And also I didn't throw up outside the car, I threw up inside, all over myself, while I was driving.

Friday night I went to go see RENT again with Sarah. (Yeah, I saw it Tuesday, too.) After I dropped her back off at her apartment I went to go see Jakob Best Outfit at the Purdue Memorial Union. After the show we headed over to the Knickerbocker for a few drinks. Lynn had to work early and Robyn's contacts were bothering her, so they both left early. I stayed and hung out with the guys from the band and a couple other random friends. We went over to Melissa's house for a beer after the bar closed, and then I got home around 5:00 or so. I went to bed and woke up around 10:00. I had to work at 3:00 so I did some laundry and gave the dog a bath. About noon my back started to kill me, so I took a muscle relaxer. And then I started throwing up about 20 minutes later.

At first I thought it was pennance for the night before...but I had already been awake for a couple hours and felt fine. Then I thought it was because I took pain meds on an empty stomach. Sounded plausible. I chalked it up to stupidity and got ready for work. I had one more bout of vomitting after I took a shower, but then was ok, so I got ready to got to work. (I even wore my brand new orange shirt that I love.) As I was driving to work, I started to feel a like queasy, but thought I could make it. Well, unfortunately, my stomach decided otherwise about 4 blocks from my house. The worst part of it was that I had no time to pull over, open the door, grab a bag or napkin...I just threw up all over myself. I pulled into a parking lot and had to use the payphone to call work...The manager I spoke to told me not to worry about it - just go home and get some rest.

Well, I got back home without incident. I hung up my coat (with a reminder to get it dry-cleaned), showered, and then set about cleaning the car. After I was done I layed down for a while, but my stomach kept growling. Realizing that I had thrown up what little I had to eat within the past day or so, I went for a bowl of Rice Krispies. Let me tell you - you have not lived until you've puked a bowl of Rice Krispies out of your nose. I was trying to make it to the bathroom and covering my mouth when all the sudden it started shooting out of my nose. After I went to the bedroom to change PJs (again) I came back to the bathroom and then I got worried. There was blood in the toilet. I knew that was a bad thing, but at this point had absolutely no energy whatsoever. I went back to bed and fell asleep for most of the afternoon. I have only vague memories of most of the evening until I took my temperature around 9:00 last night. It was 102.8. The rational part of my mind was saying, "Blood in your vomit, temperature over 100 degrees - get thee to a hospital." Unfortunately, whatever part of my brain is actually in charge made me pass out on the floor in the bathroom instead. I woke up about 2 hours later...just in time to throw up again. I showered (again) and headed to bed. I managed to stay conscious throughout most of Dane Cook and James Blunt on SNL...and then slept until 3:00 this afternoon.

I feel almost completely better...so I am not sure what was wrong. I am still worried that I should maybe go to the hospital. I did manage to eat something this afternoon and kept it down, but the blood from yesterday is nagging at me.

So, this entire post is disgusting. But that is how I have spent my entire weekend...glorious fun...I am going back to bed.


Anonymous Jwoseph said...

That was the most barfilicious post ever. I've been reading your blog for months and have never commented before. I hope you are reading this from the emergency room's waiting area. Stay healthy!

9:41 PM  
Blogger . said...

Ewwww...that was gross. Glad you are feeling better and I wouldn't fret too much over the blood in the toilet unless it continues. I got food poisoning once and puked until blood was mixed in. Eventually it subsided.

IF the temp continues though AND the vomiting, get thyself to the DR immediately!!! We want you to be welL!!!

10:16 PM  

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