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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"The unspoken word is capital. We can invest it or we can squander it." - Twain

So, I just realized I haven't written anything since last Thursday. It's not that I forgot about the blog, exactly...Just had nothing to say, I guess.

We had quite the snowstorm last week and it affected business on Thursday and Friday, but everything picked back up Saturday. This was my weekend to work through, so it feels like I have been at work since Friday. It's all a blur, really. I know I didn't do anything on Friday night because I had to work early on Saturday, but we did go out Saturday night. Karl was playing a solo set at a restaurant downtown, the Cajun Connection. Kynn and Robyn went there for dinner while, true to our nature, Holly and I showed up for drinks, lol. We had a couple beers while he finished his set and then headed next door to the semi-attached bar Crawdaddy's. (The fire breathing bartenders are a major attraction.) We had a couple more beers and then convinced Lynn to come with us to the Knickerbocker.

When we got there it was still pretty slow so we snagged the Capone booth in the back of the bar. (So named because when Al Capone visited the area in his mob heyday he would sit in that area of the bar. It is the only place in the long, narrow bar that you can sit, with trusted associates on either side, and see the door.) We set about drinking the day away and Jeff ordered us a round of Red-Headed Sluts. Here's a little backstory - Lynn had a very brief and unsatisfying tryst with one of the doormen on his waterbed... Her shot arrived in a glass of water - a red-headed slut on a waterbed. ;) Luckily she saw the humor and we all had a good laugh about it. Patrick the hottie Irishman was sitting with us with a friend of his from Mexico. Somehow the conversation turned (as it usually does) to sex. Patrick's Mexican friend was saying that in his country it is not normal to see two women kiss in public - in fact, he had never seen it. Well, that was all the encouragement that Holly and Dani needed. They cleared the table in between them and gave Mr. Mexico one hell of a show, lol. He bought them drinks in appreciation.

People trickled to and from the table all night and eventually Lynn, Robyn, and Dani all left. Holly and Patrick got into a fight (argument) about the national language of Ireland. Patrick asserted that it was Irish, while Holly thought it was English. Now, We were all slightly inebriated, so the argument was not that sensical. For example: Patrick: "I'm from Ireland. Believe me, the language is Irish." Holly: "Well, that's great, but I took a history class and it's English." Holly kept looking to me for support, but come on...the guy is IRISH, lol. I did a little research today, though, and as far as I can tell, Irish is spoken...but by less than 90,000 people in the country. I'm not sure that counts as official, lol.

Robyn showed back up at the bar after having gone over to Karl's for a while. We sat and had another drink and then moved up to the bar. That's when we realized how drunk Jeff was. He was barely standing and finally ended up asleep at the bar. That's when Dani showed back up after having gone to Harry's for more drinks. She had, unfortunately, lost her keys. This is how the next 5 minutes of conversation went:
  • *I lost my keys.
  • Call Harry's.
  • See if they have my keys.
  • Is that Jeff on the bar?
  • I don't know where my keys are.
  • Who's that on the bar?
  • Call Harry's.
  • I can't get in my house.
  • Is that Jeff?
  • Who is that?
  • Do you have my keys?
  • I poured a drink in my bag.
  • That's why everything's wet.
  • Who is that?
  • I lost my keys.
  • Repeat from *
I was sharing a cab with Holly and Jeff and it showed up right about this time. We left Dani in Barb's capable hands and I hope she made it home. It only took us about 10 minutes to get Jeff to the cab-van and make it home. Sunday was a LONG day and Monday was worse, lol...

I guess that catches up the weekend - tres excitement, n'est-ce pas?


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