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Monday, October 17, 2005

Jelly On The Hamster Wheel

So, I am blogging from Robyn's laptop. We're watching the Indianapolis Colts and the St. Louis Rams on Monday Night Football. Basically it has been an entire night of Lynn trying to turn every football reference into a sexual innuendo. "Peyton! Go deep!" "Tight end...hahaha" St. Louis didn't make it easy, but Indianapolis gets it in!"

A few moments passed without comment when Robyn says something about being surprised that no one had a reaction to that. Lynn said she was just trying to think of something but her hamster wheel wasn't working..."There's jelly on my hamster wheel...it sounds like I have an STD." "Does that mean I can call your vagina a hamster wheel?" "Yeah, I guess that's what I mean."

Ayway, I came over to watch the game fully intending to root for the Colts because I thought they were playing the Steelers...Instead, though, they are playing the STL Rams, so I am alone in rooting for them. Right now they are losing 31-20. :( I am not a fan of pro sports, so it really doesn't matter to me, but I still want STL to win...for some reason I have more loyalty to a city I spent a little time in than a city that I am a 45 minute drive away from. No offense to anyone from Indy, but I really don't like the city. I think it comes from living an hour away from Indy and 2 hours away from Chicago...Why go to Indy when Chi is 2x as far and about 10x more fun?

Anyway, this post has absolutely no point except to pass on the fact that Lynn has jelly on her hamster wheel, and if anyone else ever says that to you, you should know what to look out for.

One more comment from Lynn about a Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper..."Such a mouthful, man!" That's the way we like it. :)


Almost forgot to write about the drama of the night. About halfway through the first half, Robyn went to the kitchen (to get a beer, I think) and stopped dead in her tracks in the doorway. Instead of telling us what was wrong, she said we would have to come look for ourselves. When we walked into the hallway we saw one of nature's experiments gone completely wrong. Up in the corner of the wall was this GINORMOUS insect. We're stil not sure what it is...some sort of cross between a spider and a cricket. It had a lot of legs/antennae, but they back legs looked like grasshopper/cricket legs...ishy. Being the only "boy" in the apartment, I was nominated to "get it, get it, get it!" So, with only a broom, I attacked. Unfortunately, I missed, lol, and broke the broom. The Thing feel onto Robyn's desk and I ran out of the hallway with the girls...screaming and shaking. I knew I hadn't killed it, but I didn't want to tell anyone...I guess just hoping it might make up it's mind to die on it's own, lol. When I re-approached the desk, with the broken broom handle, I just kinda poked around until I saw it crawl out of an organizer. That led us all screaming back out of the hallway. I finally found the Thing on the floor and slapped it with the end og the broomstick...GAH! It was dead, and Robyn went to grab some harspray. No one deserves to meet their maker without a nice hairdo. We went back to watching the game and, eventually, I stopped shaking. Everything was all well and good until Lynn got up to walk into the kitchen and stopped in the hallway, "It moved!" We all thought she was crazy..because she usually is, but when we walked in, it had definitely moved. She grabbed te broomstick and kinda just swatted in the general direction of the Thing...over and over again. I told her just to push it against the baseboard to crush it...CRUNCH. There was plenty of screaming involved...shaking, screaming...some sounds that weren't actually "words"...but it is now dead...I think. We're so manly.
After some internet research I found this pic and I am pretty sure what we found is a Camel/Cave Cricket. Uckadoo.


Blogger Armilish said...

Okay... that thing is freakin' scary. I would have ran sooo far and made my boyfriend kill it. Funny story, though. :)

4:39 PM  

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