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Friday, August 12, 2005

My Afternoon, All Wrapped Up In A Biscuit

So, I headed to the mall for lunch with Hoodily Doodily. I was supposed to be there at 1:00...she was scheduled lunch for 1:15. Well, I thought ahead and left my house at about 12:00. Thank god I did...What usually is a 15 minute drive took over 30 minutes. Everyone on 52 decided that today would be a good day to voluntarily change the speed limit from 40 to 29. I finally got to the mall and picked up my paycheck. Luckily, my bank has a branch right across the street at a grocery store. I waited in line there for another 15 minutes. AND...while I was there, I decided to pick up some personal hygiene products. UGH! Why is staying clean so effing expensive. I spent $20 and all I got was body wash, face lotion, and conditioner. feh.

Anyway, I finally got back to the store and waited for Holly to be ready to go eat. She was in the middle of a sale that included a $110 boot...I was happy to wait. We finally got finished up and headed over to Pepe's for lunch. Yummy. I had the chicken quesadilla (as usual) and Holly had something covered in cheese...it was just called #5, so I don't know what she ate. (I hope she does.) After our post-lunch cigarette, I headed home. But not before stopping to spend $30 on gas. double feh. I got home, changed clothes...and promptly fell asleep - for 3 hours.

Oh, one more thing: Horror of horrors - J6 had a little piece about that Sir Mix-a-Lot(esque) Target commercial. He brought up a point I had not thought of. I could (theoretically) be the father of a 7 year old. I guess it could be older, but my imaginary baby was born after high school...at 18. Just the thought tires me. When my mother was my age, I was already 3. I could walk, read, write...I was a regular mini-person. I keep thinking that I want to have children....but I never think it all the way through for this exact reason. I have enough gray hair without some damn kid adding to it.


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