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Friday, August 12, 2005

My Morning, All Wrapped Up In A Burrito

I had to take my grandmother to the clinic this morning for an eye exam. I drove her because she had to have her eyes dilated and, while I've never had it done, I understand it can hurt like a bitch - not to mention, leave you partially sightless. She has slight cataracts on one or both or - I wasn't paying attention. So, she is scheduled for surgery in about 6 weeks...the first time my, her, and the Dr's schedules all line up for an hour.

I would like to congratulate Incognito Queer and Scotty on their brand new ClustrMaps. They were the first of you guys to jump for the 2 invitations. I don't know if I earn more or what...if I do, I will keep you guys posted. (They might have gotten free invites with theirs, too...so you could badger them, now.)

Pimpin' D is back from his Vegas vaycay...stop by an welcome him home. (Maybe he'll tell you dirty stories about that Cirque de SoGay boy he met...just kidding!)

Well, it's Friday and you know what that means...PAYDAY! Oh, thank god. I have been ABSOLUTELY broke since last saturday night...like I couldn't buy a PopTart if I tried. It's been sad. So I am heading out to the mall to pick up my paycheck and take Hoodily Doodily to lunch. We'll probably head to Pepe's for Mexican and I can drink while I am there...because I don't have to work till TUESDAY!


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And it ROCKS!!! I love it. Thanks for sharing the invite.

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