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Monday, August 15, 2005

Listen Up! It's a MoHo

I am all atwitter. I just finished sharing some mutual linkage love with Bex. I e-mailed her last Friday about getting some link love and she wrote back just a little while ago.

i love the 'mos and the 'mos love me, let's love each other cyber-ly

oooh, i like that song. i will blog it post haste. let's linky link!

check it on out: Planet Bex

It's no secret that she is my favorite Best Week Ever-er...not to mention the I Love the Everything shows. She also may have invented my new favorite word. I tend to hate the term 'fag-hag'...I have heard 'fruit fly', and 'homo-honey'. I think her 'Ho for the Mo' might be my favorite. I'm a homo...she's a moho.


Blogger Incognito said...

You link to Planet Bex just links back to you... silly mo.

11:27 PM  

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