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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Never Trust a Man with a Mullett

In my local paper today is this story about an alleged murder in the Perrin area of Lafayette. Donald Mullett was arrested based on suspicions raised when his roommate's body was discovered behind their apartment in one of Lafayette's historic neighborhoods. (I used to live 4 blocks from there.) The victim was unemployed, and not reported missing. Here's a clue...if your roommate disappears for, what police believe, two to three weeks there are two options. Either you killed them and hid them BEHIND YOUR APARTMENT! or they ran away to Mexico. Considering he was unemployed, I doubt he went to Mexico for vaycay.

How mentally deficient do you have to be to kill someone you live with and then leave them in the vicinity? And, if you were gonna do that, wouldn't you at least report them missing to throw them off your trail for a second? You know..."Well, he reported him missing, he wouldn't have done that if he killed him." Now you have to explain how you missed your roommate for weeks, but weren't worried about it at all.

I mean, come on, guy...make them try a little. There are plenty of places in Lafayette to get rid of a body. (Not that I have ever had to, yeah, right, that's the ticket...) There is a river less than 15 blocks from where the body was found. the surrounding area is all rural...go throw him a field or something, jeez. No...you put him in the backyard covered with a wooden door...BRILLIANT...PURE GENIUS!!!!

(By the way, the guy doesn't actually have a mullett...but it just goes to show you that you need to avoid mulletts wherever they lurk)

OK, I am done.


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