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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Grave Digger, When You Dig My Grave...

Could you make it shallow, so I can feel the rain?

It might be my med-haze, (I am calling it DarvHead now.) but that Dave Matthew Band song is, perhaps, the most perfect sentiment.

So, my already dangerously low attention span has been further reduced my my pain meds, so we're gonna take a go at today's post in short little bursts.

First off, I need to welcome everyone from TottyLand. Hi, pull up a seat. If you have any questions, feel free to raise your hand. We're fairly casual here...no dress code or anything. But, it is suggested, that if you are hot you should wear as little as possible.

The heir and the heiress, both named Paris. Yes, it's true. Paris Hilton is now engaged to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis. Now, I don't know Paris Hilton personally...yet...but, is it bad that I think she is with Paris Latsis only because his name is Paris; for the novelty of it? If I were heir to a hotel fortune and I had an unusual name and no one would question my actions, I would certainly do the same.

Now, on to Britney. My love for Britney Spears is directly inverse to the public's opinion of her. The more everyone hates her and ridicules her for her actions and behaviors, the more endearing I find her. It's a little gross. With her new show, Chaotic, America is getting a glimpe of exactly how she lives her life. Everyone is appalled by her Cheeto-eating, barefoot-peeing, dirty-sex-talking, pig-face-making self. PEOPLE: you have to realize...this is who she has always been. You can wrap her in latex and spray on the makeup...but, at heart she is still a poor girl from Louisiana. She IS white trash, and she is just returning to her roots. (brunette as they may be)

Nick and Jessica aren't divorced...yet. Reports were briefly published online this week that they had filed for divorce and then quickly yanked when they proved unfounded. I feel very sorry for these two. Even if they weren't having marital problems, it's only a matter of time before these stories would cause them.

This Sunday, June 5th, I am going to Indianapolis to see Bill Clinton speak at Congregation Beth El-Zedeck. His topic is "Peace and Social Justice in the Post-911 World". I am SO excited. I can only name a couple things that would rate higher than going to see him speak, and they both involve sex. And, considering I am newly* single, that is probably not going to happen.


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