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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Let's Go to the Movies...

(Imagine the song from 'Annie' right there.)

So...Tuesday was my holiday. Since I work in retail I had to work on Memorial Day so everyone with 'real jobs' could go shopping. I went to the Dr about my back again and he took X-rays. It's definitely muscular, this problem I have, and not skeletal...which is good. I fell on the 7th of May and here it is June 1st and my back is no better, if not worse. As you know I've been taking Darvocet 4 times a day to get through. I looked in my happy bottle on Sunday, though, and saw that I only had 5 pills left. My prescription was for up to 6 daily, but he only gave me 24 pills for 12 days. Even I can do that math. So today he upped the dosage to 100 mg and gave me 50 pills with a refill and orders to basically take as many as i can swallow until the pain goes away and come back to see him in 3 weeks. YAY happy pink pills.

So, the point of this was that I rented movies to watch on my day off. Monday night I watched Team America: World Police and Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, which in the UK is evidently called Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies. TA:WP was not a movie I ever thought I would watch. I tend not to enjoy the overtly funny movies that Trey Parker and Matt Stone produce. BUT, lemme tell ya, it is hy-freakin-sterical. (and on the DVD you get to see the puppet sex scene.) Harold and Kumar...same deal. I didn't think I would like it, but was urged (read: threatened) to see it. It was actually pretty good. And, even though I hate White Castle, by the end of that movie I was craving the intestinal drama of it. (It didn't hurt that Harold is kinda hot.)

Tuesday night and here I am trying to watch Finding Neverland...but Johnny Depp has a hard time holding my interest. I also rented another movie called dirty filthy love just because I liked the title. I mean, what better kind is there?

I started watching season 5 of Queer as Folk. I am going to miss this show very much, although it might be a good thing this is the last season. I will never tire of the reruns...but the characters have developed so much over 5 years that I can't imagine how they would keep it fresh for any longer. The show started out so intensely and stayed that way...a fire can only burn full power for so long...and as Emmett would say, "I'd rather my flame burn bright than be some little pilot light".

SO, ready to post and go to bed...cable connection died. So, this late night post will be up sometime mid-morning. And re-reading this...it is very apparent that I am in full DarvHead mode right now. It makes sense to me, but you'll have to figure it all out for yourself. ;)

*****UPDATE***** I watched Finding Neverland again last night in bed...it's actually really good when you give it your attention and don't spend the first half of it chatting on AIM.


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