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Thursday, May 12, 2005

*sniff* I Told Myself I Wasn't Gonna *sniff* Do This...

Anthony is gone. Moment of silence please.

OK, resume your blogging enjoyment. I was less than crushed because I kinda figured it was gonna happen. It was still disappointing, mostly because it all happened so fast. There was no suspense, no hanging on the edge of my seat...he was just there and then gone. Oh well. QUICK! Someone find me someone new to crush on.

Speaking of suspense, edge of seat, thisclose to the TV...I managed to catch this week's Inferno tonight. Somehow I missed it on Monday, but no one I know really watches it, so I didn't know how much ass the Bad-Asses kicked this week. Everyone did really well in the driving thing. Then comes Testosteronia '05. Abram vs Brad in the Inferno. I am not a huge fan of Abram, but he's on my team...so I was all for him winning. Damn, though, watching him play that 'Balls In' game was pretty exciting. There is something I find extremely scary-hot about a guy that is so pumped about something. (As long as he is far enough away to not kill me.) I was on my feet yelling at my TV like it was Purdue football.

--Anyone else noticed the number of ball-related activities they have had? Balls In, Dodge Yer Balls, Lick My Balls, Shaved Balls...Oh, wait, those last two were in my head -- Super sorry.

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Another positive note. I bought the new DMB album, Stand Up, today. I am SO in love with it. Three times now I have listened to it all the way through. Once, laying on my bed with my eyes closed. I have found, since I don't smoke pot anymore, that this is the best way to experience Dave. (Unless, of course, you are at a show.) Ahh...pot...I miss a certain friend that will go un-named.

Well, here it is...midnight. I am within 8-12 hours of super cable-ish goodness.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was that a question about Inferno?? I've been watching... only one good guy made a mistake.. otherwise they probably would have won. I'm on the good guy team... Landon = yummy hugs and kisses ... plus, CT is gross!


2:14 AM  
Blogger Extra Ordinary Boy said...

I didn't meant the Good Guys sucked...just one mistake. That's why I said "Everyone did really well in the driving thing."

But as long as the Bad Asses are winning...they are kicking ass.

2:29 AM  
Blogger FB said...

Hey, I added my stuff onto the memes thingy. Now you get extra brownie points. It was fun. Now lay off the manpris...tee-hee... Sorry I had to mention it again. I giggle everytime I say man-pris... tee-hee... Oh and I so need to catch an Inferno marathon. I'm so out of the loop on that show. I so love the bad-asses. Go Tina!!!

3:07 AM  

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