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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What Time Is It? American Idol Time, I Think...

First of all, can I say I hate time zones? Scratch that...I hate Indiana time. For those of you that don't know, Indiana does not change time with the rest of the country. All winter we are on Eastern (NYC) time and all summer we are on Central (Chicago) time. We never change our clocks, everyone else just shifts around us. Easy enough, right?

NO...try watching TV. Like tonight with American Idol...It is on at 8:00. Well, Ami already watched it and told me all about it. Now, I understand that only the East coast gets it live. But it's like that with all the networks. I tune in at the Eastern time that is listed, but it's already been aired on the East coast. Cable, CABLE, is a whole different story. I have to watch cable at the Central times listed. mostly. If it's a local cable station, PBS or something, it's Eastern again. Basically, just sit in front of your TV and hope.

I think only Arizona and Hawaii are with us on the not-changing-time thing. Next spring, though, Indiana will jump on board and use DST. There is an actual Federal commission to decide whether we should be on Eastern or Central time. Ideally, for my life, we would be on Central time. Only problem with that, though, is it would push our sunsets in the winter to about 4:30 in the afternoon--if I did the math right. But really, what happens in Indiana that has anything to do with the East coast? Everything in Indiana revolves around, well, Indiana...people are very state-centric here. But, we are closer to Chicago and that would certainly be easier for my life.

Back to the original point of this post. I am -still- in love with Anthony Fedorov. OK, enough with the pretense...We're getting married. What? You don't believe me? OK, fine. We're not getting married...but he is carrying my love-child. He's not showing yet.

OK, not really, but I SO would marry him -or- impregnate him. Not that I know anything about him, but his pants fit really well. ;) He did really well on his first song: props from Randy, Paula want to see him stretch (tell me about it), Simon thinks he's gooey...I am not even gonna comment on 'gooey'.

Second round, same song as Carrie Underwood...ballsy move. That's ok, my man has balls. He did SO double-plus kick-awesome.

Not that I am unbiased at all, but I honestly think Anthony was the best performer tonight. I have never been more bored than when I am watching Carrie Underwood "perform". Any idea what is up with Vonzell? Emotional, rough day, crying? whah hoppen? Um, Bo Bice...flip-flops with a suit? And no shirt? I get it that you're indie or whatever...but, no.

P.S. Is it gross that I kinda think A-Fed's neck-scar-thing is kinda sexy?

By the way, Blogger sucks my ass when it goes down for 2 1/2 hours. I got a nice message that they were doing scheduled maintenance for an hour. (Again with the time zones) Should have been from 6-7 my time...nope...more like 5:45ish to 8:15ish.

*****10:00 pm Update*****I did nothing in the past hour but vote. I got 164 votes in. Let's hope it helps. :)


Blogger Jay Six said...

Your devotion is admirable, if not a little freaky. But what great love affair hasn't started out with some light stalking? You've alreayd highlighted Mr. & Mrs. Chesney. (I can't stand her, either, for the record.)

12:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matty... okay. I am obsessive but voting 164 is beyond obsessive compulsive... that is like "have you heard of medication" because the most I have ever done is like 3 votes and that was back when RJ Helton was on.=]

2:34 AM  

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