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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

She Thinks His Tractor's Sexy ::AKA:: You Had Me From Hello

Miss Tight-Face-Bobble-Head just got married to Mr. Too-Tight-Country-Jeans. Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney got married in the Virgin Islands yesterday (I think). How did I not know they were dating? Have I not been keeping up with my Us Weekly/In Touch/People/Star magazines well enough? Or was this a secret?

It's no secret, though, that I am not a fan of Miss Zellweger...I think she looks like a shrunken head on a stick...and I can't stand her whiny-scrunched-up-face acting.

Evidently Kenny has been in puppy-love for years. He named her as his favorite actress and was even inspired to write a song after he saw her in Jerry Maguire.

Well, here's hoping they have lots of tight-faced, big-bulged little ones running around. (We all know Renee can gain weight...she'll be a great fat mom.)


Blogger FB said...

"Miss Tight-Face-Bobble-Head just got married"

I read and re-read that like ten times. Laughing every time. What a Hoot!!! I'm so glad you don't like her. Now as far as your music tastes go...

8:59 PM  

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