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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I've Been Re-Potted

So, I had a great weekend. Big graduation party on Saturday night with all the regulars at Steph's apartment. I played beer pong for the first time, and I suck. SUCKITY SUCK. I suck and the beer sucked. It was Keystone Light. I thought I was through all the college bad-beer parties that I would have to endure. So, I played beer pong twice and lost both times...and had to drink A LOT.

Also met Lynn's new friend-that-is-a-boy. His name is Paul and he is Armenian...and he is SUPER HOT! He was wearing the cutest Steve Madden shoes, the best fitting Express jeans, perfectly pressed shirt, and hotness from head to toe. I think I behaved myself. I may have tried to explain his hotness. (I've been known to do that.)

So, my back is fucked up from my fall last week. I hurt my shoulder, but it healed fine. My back has either a pinched nerve or a severely pulled muscle. I am now on 'light duty' at work. My orders are to not lift more than 5 pounds, not bend, not reach above my head, and not stand for more than an hour. Basically, that is my ENTIRE job. SO, I was off yesterday and layed in bed almost all day. Holly and Jeff invited us over for a BBQ last night and it sounded like a good idea. Have a hamburger, a couple drinks...good times. Well, after dinner we were sitting on the patio and Holly asked me how my back was. Hurting, obviously. So...she offered some, um, er, herbal therapy...

Yeah...so for the first time in over 4 years (not kidding...it's been a SUPER long time.) I partook (partaked?) (did partake?) in the sweet grass. I put up a fight...a little...promise. But the bong was so pretty and the smoke smelled so good...and Dave was playing. It was my duty as a good guest, I think, to take what was offered. Half an hour later I was completely high and COMPLETELY over it. I wanted it to stop. Lynn's only response was, "Well, you're the one that hit it !9 TIMES!" But, I didn't feel it till the 7th time. So, it was interesting. I had to be at work at 7:00 this morning and I got home at 12:00. (I did not drive)

I was SUPER hyper. I couldn't get enough. I was chatting, e-mailing, commenting, watching TV, and listening to Dave...until 4:00.....

Anyway, so there is my story...I am bad and it won't ever happen again. Until next time. (Or Sunday, whichever comes first.)


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