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Monday, May 16, 2005

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck A Duck.....

I had made an almost conscious decision to not post anything tonight before bed. Long weekend at work, long nights after work. I was just going to watch Des Wives and Grey's Anatomy...then off to bed with me. Well, for 20 minutes, I did get to sleep. So, I have been at my computer organizing my bookmarks. (I know, I know...I, too, was nearly overwhelmed by the excitement.)

BUT, Then something has to come along at 2:45 am and ruin my life...Watching MTV...Video comes on...I don't recognize it...Guy driving a car...Kinda cute, from the sideways view of the TV that I have...kind of a good song...[slow fade]...NICK CARTER IS ON MY TV...GET 'IM OFF!!!!!.....

I was on the verge of rocking BSB...I need to die.


Blogger Jay Six said...

I blame your recent crush on a certain would-be American Idol. It made your mind susceptible to the power of the boyband.

Hey, wait! It's 2005 - what are boybands still doing around?!?!

11:48 AM  

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