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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Brit-Brit & K-Fed in Ellenland

So, Ellen is on the cover of Allure magazine...looking COMPLETELY HOT! And not so much in Los Angeles Magazine.

Why are the Backstreet Men stalking me? The other night on my TV...this morning I tune in to see everyone's favorite cheeto-eating, PBR-swilling, barefoot-walking couple on everyone's favorite lesbian's show. Musical guest?? Backstreet Men. (There are also, though, 1/2 naked male volleyball players...So I think that may counteract the BSB factor if they show them enough).

(I just found out that Portia moved in with Ellen and exchanged rings in January...ONE MONTH after they met. I know lesbians love to nest -- but that is awfully quick.) A quick joke:
-What do lesbians do on second date?
-Rent a U-Haul.
-What do gay men do on a second date?
-Second date?
So, I have to put my full attention back to the tele. Have a good day everyone.

So, I get that K-Fed is, like, a regular guy and not the best interview. But what about Britney? I mean, isn't this her job? They should really be better and answering questions instead of mumbling to each other. (I've been on a talk show...they tell you to project. That's about all they tell you, actually)

So, BSB...who are their fans? Their teen girl fans are now in their mid-20's...and I hope listening to better music. Aren't they in their 30's now? Isn't there an age where you have to stop wearing novelty denim and pretending you're 20? The short one is still surprisingly short, the old one: surprisingly old...and the mousy one: yup, still mousy. Oh, and Nick Carter: Do you have to pee? Stop holding your penis. Seriously.


Blogger Jake McCafferty said...

I'm so linking to that second-date joke. Cute.

8:54 AM  

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