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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

mmmm...Smells Like Solstice

I've got some more seasonal Music of the Moment for us. Dar Williams - The Christians and the Pagans. This song reminds me of being in college during winter break when there was a group of us that were either not welcome or not financially able to make it home for the holidays. This group was invariably about 85% gay/lesbian and it was always a kind of understood truce between the groups. It always seems that the gay men and lesbians were working for different causes and there was kind of a line in the sand that you didn't cross between them. I, of course, had lesbian friends - but in our 'political lives' that was ignored. We always played this song (usually a few times) while we were making dinner for our 'Stray Dog Christmas'. Each year someone would volunteer their house or apartment for the festivities and everyone was welcome...seriously everyone, lol. Every year there would be people drug along just because someone noticed their neighbor was alone in their apartment for the break, or someone ran into an acquaintance from class that wasn't going home. There weren't usually gifts, but we would really splurge on the food and drink. Anyway, I might continue about this later, but I have to go to work now...3:15p-12:15a...yeah AM...as in a quarter past MIDNIGHT! It wouldn't be so bad, but I have to be back exactly 8 hours later on tomorrow morning. I think I am going to die - and on Solstice - wouldn't that be sad?


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