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Monday, October 03, 2005

Prison Hotty

On Monday nights I always watch Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential on FOX. Tonight, I didn't change the channel when Prison Break came on and boy am I happy I didn't. No one told me that Wentworth Miller was such a hotty. He plays the younger brother of an inmate and (from what I have gathered) actually had a hand in building the prison that he is housed in. Somehow he gets himself put in the same prison to help his brother break out.
Tonight, while watching the show, I realized that it takes a very special man to make pit stains sexy...and an EXTREMELY hot man to make the darker gray color they make his t-shirt my new favorite color. Here are a few pictures I found of him online for you to enjoy.
I would tell you to tune in next week to see for yourself...but, unfortunately, it is on a 3 week hiatus until Monday, October 24th. Tune in then and have yourself a new TV boyfriend.


Blogger Saturn said...

Damn, I would have him for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and dessert, too. Just scrumptious. Great, now I'm horny at work. Thanks a lot!

8:47 AM  
Blogger Jay Six said...

He was cute to me before today. Then I IMDB'd him and found out he's British. He just jumped to the top of the Hot Heap...

8:42 PM  

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