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Monday, September 26, 2005

But...I Don't Even Drink Coffee...

I just got home from the hospital. My grandmother had a cataract surgery this morning and needed someone (obviously) to drive her there and back. While sitting in the waiting room I got this enormous craving for a cup of coffee. I never drink coffee. I love the smell, but can not stand to drink it. That is, until I am in a hospital waiting room. So, I succumbed to the urge and mixed myself what constitutes coffee that I can drink. This involves 3 sugars (actually NatraTaste) and three creamers. Guh...just thinking about it makes me want to brush my teeth again - which is exactly what I did the second I walked in the door at home. Anyway, all is well with GrannyJ and she is happy at home watching television for the day.

In other news, a friend of mine is in Chicago today having surgery to remove a testicle. He went to see the doctor after noticing some pain in his testicles and after testing and a biopsy, it was determined that there were some precancerous and 'ambiguous' cells. Considering his familial history of testicular cancer, it was decided removal would be the best option. I was more worried than I should have been. I found out that it's an outpatient procedure that basically entails a local anesthetic, a small incision and *boom*...uniball.

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Yesterday he got to pick out his new ball. He said they look like little plastic grapes laying there on the table, lol. It sounds like fun, but I hope that is one shopping experience I never have, personally, lol. It will all be done at the same time, evidently...one out, one in...and done. He won't tell me which side it is that is being removed, saying that I will just have to find out for myself. (Sounds like it could turn into a fun party game, lol) So, next time we see each other, I'll be in the spotlight, trying to figure out one from the other. Hey, I like grapes, though...


Blogger Rigo said...

Coffee is a funny thing isn't it? I can only drink decaf and everyone says whats the point. I have to have 2 equals and 3 creams. As for the testicle, happy hunting and let us know if you guess correctly.

8:04 PM  

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