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Saturday, September 24, 2005

What I Did Last Night...Unadvisable For The Most Part

  • Start ordering Stoli gimlets as 'talls'.
  • Proceed to drink them as if they are water.
  • Buy a shot of Don Julio for Carl, the guy that Robyn liked and I, evidently, went to school with.
  • Talk incessantly about how cute and how well dressed Dan is.
  • Flirt with Dennis, Crystal's boyfriend, because he's hot.
  • Continue ordering Stoli gimlets...a lot.
  • Buy a bottle of vodka to take to Jeff's house for hot-tubbing.
  • Make out with Dennis...so Crystal can take a picture.
  • Make out with Bill, repeatedly, so Crystal can take a picture.
  • Whatever happened at Jeff's house.
  • Tell Bill that I will tell Lynn he likes her if we get to make out more.
  • Make out with Bill in the hot tub and never tell Lynn.
  • Get home at 6:00 am, sleep till mid-afternoon.
  • Wake up in some newly discovered state - Somewhere between SUPREMELY drunk and INCREDIBLY hungover.

Have a good weekend kids.


Blogger Ethan said...

so how do you feel today???? Thats the big question!! lol

12:33 AM  
Blogger that matt guy said...

that sounded deliciously familiar. I'm suprised you didn't wake up with someone in the bed with you!?

11:50 AM  

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