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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Mission Accomplished

I have, honestly, had nothing to write about lately. (Well, nothing more exciting than work, feh.)

I had Sunday off, so I had rented some movies at Hollywood. My friend The Degler told me that 'Crash' was an incredible movie and that I should see it. So, on my Friday errand-running I popped into Hollywood Video to get it. I have a problem when renting movies. I can't remember the last time I rented less than 3. It started when Ami and I moved in together. Before we lived together we would go out 3-4-5 nights a week. So, yeah, we were spending a few hundred bucks a week on booze and cigarettes. When we moved in together and realized that we were already at the same place there was little reason to go out to see each other. We fell into a pattern that worked well for us. I would go to work and she would go to class in the morning. I would get home around 7 and we would hit the rental place and the liquor store. (This was before we realized that Meijer, less than a mile from our house, sold liquor. And we got a Meijer credit card that allowed us to buy alcohol without even needing money.) We would go through 7-10 movies and and equal number of liters of vodka a week. We would usually go to the video store with a movie in mind...but not always. But going for just ONE movie always seemed like a waste of time...so we would get 2 or 3. Thus began my addiction, lol.

Anyway, I rented 'The Wedding Date', 'Crash', and 'Dead and Breakfast'. Let me just say about The Wedding Date - Dermot Mulroney's left ass cheek is my new boyfriend. Crash was outstanding...I thought it would be good, but it was better. Sandra Bullock plays an absolute bitch for 75% of the movie, but you end up loving her. Don Cheadle, Brendan Fraser, Ryan Phillipe...a lot of big names in this movie. I ended up either on the verge of tears or actually crying for most of the second half of the movie. Dead and Breakfast was perhaps the funniest horror movie I have ever seen. It's not scary, just bloody. I even watched the commentary (twice) because it was so hilarious.

Back to the title of this post. I have written about our new co-worker, Annaliss, before. We hate her. Well, yesterday morning she and I were opening together. She won some cookies at our morning meeting (rally) for answering a customer service trivia question correctly and offered me one. I said no thanks, but thanked her for asking. After we had the registers up and running, she asked me if there was something in particular for her to do. (This, alone, is more than we have spoken to each other ever...) I told her there was a lot of stock that needed done and she gladly went back to work on it. (Well, first she went to her car to get CDs to listen to, but no big deal.) About an hour later she came out and said she needed to make a phone call. No problem...I told her she could use the phone in the stockroom. I continued working on the floor and she came out while I was rearranging the clearance shoes and said, "Ok, so I'm gonna head out." I thought she needed a really early lunch for something and asked if that's why she was leaving. "No, you can tell Lynn I don't work here anymore and you're all asses." That brought a smile to my face before I said, "Only to you. Thanks, Great, Bye!" As she was walking away I reminded her that she would need to stop in Human Resources to sign paperwork and turn in her door card and stuff. Her only response was an over-the-shoulder no. I picked up the phone and called our HR manager to tell her that she was walking out. Her first response was, "What did you do?" and then, "Don't worry...her replacement is training tomorrow." AWESOME. So...all is well again in Shoe-Land. After she left, I was getting a shoe for a customer and came across her parting message in the stockroom. She had written WOOHOO!!! in big letters on the side of a box of stock and then jabbed the pen through the top of the box. I left it just like that and everyone laughed about it...Until Yvonne brought up a good point: I wonder, if she damaged a shoe by doing that, can we bill her for it? lol Anyway, Lynn met the new girl when she came in at 1:00 and said she really likes her, so it should be good.

I am off again today before I start my 6 day weekend stretch. I also found the new computer I want...and although this paycheck might not get it...I should be able to afford it in a couple weeks. Thanks Pimpin D' for the technical support. ;) It's so very pretty. It has everything I need and more in most respects. But...this computer I bought 5 years ago and it has been upgraded sporadically...and it was never meant to be the computer I now need, lol.


Blogger Armilish said...

Makes you love stupid people, huh? They're so good for entertainment value. :)

2:22 PM  
Blogger kinkyrhombus said...

i love the stupid girl story!

can i claim dermot mulroney's right butt cheek?

6:04 PM  
Blogger Jake McCafferty said...

Um, don't you need a monitor? Or am I reading too fast and missing something again?

8:45 PM  

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