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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Purdue vs Akron T minus 12 hours

Purdue plays their first football game today. It's against Akron. No offense to Akron, but I had no idea there was a college there. It's a sell-out...and we're supposed to win. (We always lose the 'easy' first game, so here's hoping.)

SO, to all those Boilermakers far and wide...a couple pics of our beloved Ross-Ade Stadium.

This is Ross-Ade empty...It's sad.

THIS is Ross-Ade with 62,500 screaming Gold & Black fans. (OK, they're not ALL Boilers...but, who cares?)

Game time is 12:00 local time (EST). BOILER UP!


Blogger . said...

Booooo...purdue! LOL...THIS IS HOOSIER COUNTRY!!!

10:40 PM  

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