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Monday, September 05, 2005

Resaca Mexicana

So, last night was the party at Jeff and Holly's. (Well, they had a fight late in the party, so I hope it is still Jeff and Holly's.) It was a blast, though...there were 2 pinatas (one for girls, one for boys), both filled with little bottles of liquor, lighters, condoms, and candy. The liquor and the condoms were the only things anyone cared about, lol. We invented a new word for Holly. Her boobs are so big that she wouldn't need Bluetooth when she gets a new phone...she can just sit it in her boobs and yell...so she would have Boobtooth...ick...or Blueboob...ack.

If there is anything to be said for all the regulars of a bar going to a party together, it's that NO ONE will be sober. There were at least 50 people (maybe 75) there and the party was in full swing when we got there. There were CASES and CASES of beer stacked up on the deck and a fully stocked bar, too. My enchiladas were a huge hit with everyone except Lynn. She had a face after her first bite like she had bitten into a block of moldy cheese.

The beer I bought was quickly consumed, along with all the others...at one point the cooler was refilled with 4 cases of Corona...and empty in less than 10 minutes. A couple hours after we got there somebody fired up the hot tub. Unfortunately, the only people that got in the hot tub were the gorgeous girls and the ugly boys, lol. Robyn and I went inside to play poker, and while I didn't win, I did outlast 2 people. Pretty impressive considering I had never played before.

Lynn and Robyn left the party pretty early, but I stayed for action. There was a point that I reached into the cooler only to find ice...not a single beer to be found. My best guess is that about 12 cases of beer disappeared within 3 hours....Plus all the liquor. I pulled Jeff aside and told him there was no more beer and he clued me into the stash in the poker room...It was an imported Mexican beer - Monterrey Light - and I didn't like it. It's slogan is Sabor Incomparable...and I could not agree more. I think I hate all Mexican beers. (I took 3 when I left, lol)

I am pretty sure that party kept the cab companies in business last night...they were bringing people and taking people all night. I shared a cab with a couple I just met, Dani (my girl bartender), and her boyfriend. We had my favorite Russian cab driver, Tito. I think we might all drink too much - the cab driver knew each of us by name...

So, I got home, showered and jumped online to chat with people...I missed one, flirted with one, pissed one off, and professed my undying love to several... I really should not be allowed near communications devices while drunk... I really didn't wake up with a hangover, though, surprisingly. I got to bed around 5:30 and was up at 11:00, so that's not bad...

All I have done so far today, though, is read a book and eat brocolli, lol...exciting, I know...


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