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Monday, August 29, 2005

Awesome UN-Breakup Song of the Week

So, this Awesome Breakup Song of the week thing was supposed to be bitter and empowering songs...but this one isn't. This song has been floating around in my head all week. It's the song that I listened to when everything seemed to be going wrong in my last relationship...realizing that we were hanging on to something that wasn't there anymore. For anyone not in a relationship, I think it actually shows the reality of one pretty well...for anyone that IS in a relationship, I think it's a good way to keep priorities straight sometimes.


Blogger that matt guy said...

once again, you have pulled one off the shelves from my history. Every time I see Kina, I always think of "Girl from the Gutter" (Thunderpuss remix).

remember, boys are stupid. throw rocks at them.

1:31 PM  

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