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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Fiesta Mexicana -or- Enchiladas Híbridos

Wow..I really haven't written much lately. Nothing exciting going on, though...just getting through the week. In addition to this being the holiday weekend, my schedule rotation gives me a 3-day weekend. WOOHOO!

Friday night Lynn and I bought the big bottle of vodka and went over to Robyn's house for some drinks and music. We ended up not going out, but did manage to get pretty trashed, anyway. Our friend Jimmy J is in town this weekend and he is staying at Robyn's, so the 4 of us sat around and played some card games (read: drinking games) and chilled. Jimmy J was tired and Robyn was drinking like a champ, so by the time Lynn and I left at 3:00ish they were both on the floor. Lynn and I went back to her house to watch a movie and have another drink. I slept there and we basically spent all day Saturday in our pajamas watching movies.

Robyn called us in the afternoon to see if we wanted to do something that night. I wanted to go out, but Robyn still had an upset stomach from the previous night, so I figured that was out. Robyn went out and picked up some Marco's pizza and cheesy bread and we came over to her place. No one (except me) was in the mood to drink so we just sat around eating pizza and watching TV. Lynn did feel well and went home, but Robyn, Jimmy J, and I sat around till about 1:00 and then remembered the party today. Being as we live in Indiana, there is no alcohol sold on Sundays, so we hit the liquor store for some Sunday booze and I headed home.

Tonight, Holly and Jeff have invited everyone over for a 'Fiesta Mexicana' at their place. Rumor is there will be a pinata filled with little bottles of alcohol...I would expect no less from Jeff, being a bar manager and all. Well, this morning (afternoon) when I finally motivated myself out of bed, I decided I wanted to make enchiladas to bring to the party. So, after I mowed the lawn, gave the dog a bath, and showered, I set about finding a recipe. I didn't like anything I found, so with a little faith...and a LOT of hope...I decided I could make something up on my own. I had chicken at home so I headed out for my local carniceria. I was a little out of my element, but the friendly hispanimericans at the store helped me out a lot. I bought a box of rice, some tortillas, and a can of (what they tell me is) enchilada sauce. I really have no idea, because there is not a single word in English on anything I bought. (I guess that makes it more authentic.) They also had Kraft shredded cheese - Mexican blend - so I got that, too.

When I got home I threw everything I had read in any of the recipes out the window. Hell, the only Mexican thing about this party is the pinata, anyway...how authentic does the food need to be? I baked and shredded the chicken and fixed the rice. I found the word agua on the back, so I guessed the # next to it was the amount of water to use...it turned out VERY spicy. I warmed the tortillas in the oven and sprayed the baking dish. Then came assembly. (And this is where I am pretty sure I bastardized the whole thing.) I laid out a tortilla, put some chicken, rice, and enchilada sauce in it and rolled it up...into the pan. (seam side down) I ran out of chicken with 2 tortillas left, so I made 2 with just rice and sauce...for my veggie friends. Then I spooned some more sauce over the top and sprinkled it with cheese. As we speak they are baking in the oven till...well, I guess till the cheese is melted, because everything is already cooked, technically. The oven is on 200 degrees, lol, because 1) I have no idea how long/hot to cook it and 2) The party isn't till 7:00. I am a little disappointed they didn't have the tamarindo soda that I like...I will have to find it somewhere else, I guess.

So...I am not sure if I can call them enchiladas...or what to call them, really. If they taste good, I guess I will have a new specialty. If they taste bad, I will blame it on the people at the carniceria. :)


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