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Friday, September 09, 2005

Shopping Spree

So, I got paid today and I have spent 3/4 of my paycheck, lol. I got off work at 3:15 - the only good thing about going to work at 7:00 - and had a long list of errands to run. But, before any of that got accomplished, I had to come home and shower the shoe-stink off of me. Then, I hit the bank, hardware store, video store, gas station, pizza place, Target, pizza place again, and a different hardware store before getting home. It was like a whole other work day right there doing all that crap.

I went to the hardware store because I was bored with my desk. I have this (talent/skill/urge...i dunno) to walk through the hardware store and come up with new or unexpected ideas for items. The end result might end up to be more expensive than if I had just bought whatever it is I wanted, but I always like it more. I wandered around the store picking up odds and ends that I am always forgetting to buy. (low watt lights bulbs, tape, extension cord, blah blah) I ended up in the closet organization area and this is where my desk was born. Basically, I found a piece of laminated shelving (22"x36"), a laminated organizer shelving compenent (12"x12"x30") and a bracket. Put it all together with the organizer under the left side of the shelf to hold the CPU, the bracket on the right holding up the other side of the shelf, and VOILA! My new desk. I actually really like it, because it creates the illusion that the weight of the monitor (sitting on the left side) is cantilevering the rest of the desk that appears to hang in mid-air. (Don't worry, it's damn sturdy.)

I went the video store to rent Crash, cause I heard it was really good. I also got The Wedding Date...cause I do sometimes love me some Dermot Mulroney. :) Along the way I picked up the questonably titled Dead & Breakfast...unrated. Anything with a tag line like 'It's like a bad horror movie...only worse!' is begging to be watched.

I was in a good mood...until I pulled into the gas station ($2.97) and spent $30. I still had half a tank of gas, so when it hit $20 I was worried, lol. I stopped it at $30 just because I couldn't stand to spend more than that on gas. Luckily, it filled it up...just short of clicking off.

In my bad mood, I decide Pizza Slut would be good for dinner so I dropped off an order and hit Target. I would really like to know why they stopped selling my Neutrogena shampoo and conditioner. It pisses me off. Do you have ANY idea how long it took me to find the perfect shampoo? a long time. I had to buy Garnier...which I do not trust. I buy their Surf Hair paste...but I don't know about 'real' products from Garnier...I feel so "college-freshman-girl-in-the-dorm".

Anyway, back to pick up my pizza, and then remembered that I forgot to get a new power strip...luckily there is another hardware store near my house. I, of course, ran into an old co-worker there and talked for a good 20 minutes while my pizza got cold.

Anyway...ramblin, useless post.

One more thing, though...Might I be too regular of a customer if, when I go to my local liquor store, the guy behind the counter doesn't even pretend to not be smoking pot? I walked in to a cloud of incense and marijuana...not that I mind, but I was a little taken aback. I walked to the cooler to get my beer and came back up to the counter just as he was taking another toke. When you're on break, it's one thing...but when actually working, it takes balls to smoke up at work. BALLS


Blogger Rigo said...

Sounds like my Friday, 5 hours of running errands and a quick lunch. And I'm $400 lighter.

5:58 PM  

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