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Thursday, September 15, 2005


Kanye West's comment about George Bush not caring about black people has inspired a Texas rap group, The Legendary K.O., to release a new song called (imaginitively) "George Bush Doesn't Care about Black People". Click here to listen to the song... It borrows heavily from West's own song, "Gold Digger" and his sound-bite from the 9-2-05 television program. Included, also, are original lyrics describing the aftermath of the hurrican as taken from first-hand accounts of people along the gulf coast.

Five days in this . . . attic

I can't use a cellphone I keep getting static

Dying cause they lying instead of telling us the truth . . .

Screwed 'cause they say they're coming back for us, too

But that was three days ago and I don't see no rescue . . .

It's not clear how long the song will stay available online since the use of the sample was not cleared with West or his record label...listen while you can.


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