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Friday, September 23, 2005

Hey Kids!

Ahh the shit that dumps on a person...all at once. I am not going to get into it all, because I have talked to a lot of you about it personally. (Well, not a lot...but the ones I felt like it, lol) Evidently this is 'Shit Happens - A Lot' week. Everyone I know is getting over, getting in, or dealing with something. Know that I am thinking of all of you...and everyting will be otay.

I stopped at the Lancome counter with Lynn tonight to get our presales in for their fall gift with puchase. Not that I need an eyeshadow quad, brushes, or a cosmetics case...but I did need a new moisturizer and (now) a concealer. I have never used concealer, but I haven't really slept this week. If I am going to continue being seen in public, I need to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes...it's starting to look like I was in a fight - and didn't win, lol. So, I got my new moisturizer ($32) and a new concealer ($24). I went ahead and brought the concealer home and put the moisturizer on presale so I can get the gift...GrannyJ will appreciate it, I think. Holly did Lynn's makeup for going out tonight and DAMN...the girl has eyelashes now, lol.

Anyway...I am sitting here in my towel, fresh out of the shower. I used every weapon in my artillary against the war-zone that has become my face this week. After face wash, face scrub, pore minimizer, moisturizer, concealer, and bronzer...I think I am ready to face the world tonight. (This is also the most makeup I have ever used in my life. -the term 'makeup' being used loosely to describe all facial treatments.)

I am sure there was something other than skin care that I was going to talk about, but I am not sure what it was.

This Sunday I will be partaking in my first Feast of the Hunter's Moon and Fort Ouiatenon. It's (from my understanding) a festival about the French/Indian War back in the 1800's, I think. All I know is there is food and it's supposed to be fun. (I might actually have pictures to share with you all from it...We'll see.)

Right now, I need to get some clothes on and hit the BiggerKnocker. Have a good night, kids.


Blogger . said...

You are right. LAST week blew in the drama scene in ways I blogged about and in some ways I didn't. Here's to a new week my friend.

2:10 AM  

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