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Sunday, September 25, 2005

The KutchMoore

ALLEDGEDLY!!! Ashton and Demi got married on Saturday night. The ceremony was in a private BevHills home and was on the fringe of Kabbalah-esque. Everyone was there...and by that I mean Bruce and the 3 wierdly named daughters. I am sure some A-listers were there, but I don't care...

US and People are fighting over credit for who broke the story, so I am gonne throw my hat in, too. It was me that found out first! Hey, if everyone else is gonna fight about it, I may as well try for some of the credit, lol...

--And just a question: Why is Demi holding onto Moore as her last name? It's not her maiden name...it's her first husband's last name. Why would she not take Willis or Kutcher in favor of keeping a name from a marriage over 20 years ago? I don't even know what her maiden name is...but it makes no sense to me.


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