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Monday, September 26, 2005

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That is what I have been looking at on my computer screen all night. Most of you know that I use FireFox and one of the perks is the constantly updating weather service, ForecastFox. Basically what the picture reads as is
  • Currently: 72 and Rain
  • Tonight: Thunderstorms
  • Tomorrow: Rain
Technically since I took that screen cap last night, today is 'Tomorrow'...so we have more rain coming.

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Actually, we've had quite enough rain, already. If you look at the map above, I live right in the middle of that yellow swath in Indiana. (Actually the dark yellow area, which indicates about 4.5" of rain over the past 24 hours.) I know it's nothing like what the gulf coast has gotten, but for us in little old Indiana, it's a little too much. Yesterday the remnants of Rita crashed into another system from the west over IL. Then the joined forces and stalled over IN. Now, they are sitting over the northeast and just laughing at us while we try to stay dry.


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Yea I am rather sick of rain myself!!!

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