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Saturday, August 06, 2005

You Know What? Fuck It!!!

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Who says this is even worth it? the living, the being, the suffering...

I ran into my friend Abbie tonight at the Knickerbocker...and she had a valid point. If, even at her worst, this ridded Pam of her suffering...isn't it worth it? Who are we to judge what is right for another person? Having said that...I am PISSED at her. I have been there, and I thought of my "family".

I lost my mother at 18. I have made a family of my friends. I include some of my readers/friends in that group. Incognito mentioned it before...but I do count some of you among my friends. I hate to list certain people and not others...but I would like to thank a few special people that have gone out of their way in my time of need. (These are just a few...but the ones I feel I need to thank especially:)
  • Aaron
  • Ethan
  • Adam
  • Jake
  • Ami
  • Matt
  • Joe
  • J6
  • Fb
  • Jason
  • Kristin
  • Scotty
I know this might not be all of you...SO MANY people have commented, e-mailed, and IMed their condolences that I have not been able to keep track. I am sorry if I omitted you, I certainly didn't mean to...I am dealing with a lot, and have been on a short fuse lately.

Fear not, gentle reader...I will not succumb to the same...I have to much to live for and very little to die for.


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