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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Soup and a Sandwich

So, today was actually a really great day at work. I opened with Holly, so it was obviously a good start. She just got the counter manager position at Lancome, so we were both in great moods. I made some decent money by the time Lynn came in at 1:00, and even got a new credit customer. (We're supposed to have 1 for every 20 hours we work...I usually average more like 1 for every 60 hours I work.)

Holly and I went to O'Charley's for lunch. It was SO good. The loaded potato soup is literally my favorite food. (OK, I know it's horrible for you, but I rationalize it about once a month.) We sat at the bar, because you save 10% that way...yeah, we're that cheap. Anyway, this guy came in to pick up a to-go order and sat across the bar from us. This boy was HOT. (Holly and I polled ourselves...it was unanimous.) He was wearing this t-shirt with some sort of crest across the chest and the word 'OBEY' in big letters across the top. No problem...I would have gladly followed any orders he had in mind. Either he kept catching me glancing at him or I kept catching him glancing at me...who cares...he was hot. Made the first 20 minutes of lunch pleasurable.

We got back to work and it really slowed down. There is something, though, about actually leaving the mall at lunch rather than running down to one of the restaurants inside. It makes you all giddy after lunch - We have actually been asked if we were drunk a few times. Anyway...the afternoon went quickly and now I am at home eating dinner...num num.

Just a quick note...I have had a few comments/e-mails about my Jude Law Post that have insinuated that I am a size queen or do not realize that penis size varies or whatever. Rest assured that I have seen (more than) my fair share of penises (penii?) in my time. I have seen all sizes...some at each scary end of the spectrum. And I have seen first-hand the miracle that is the 'Grower'...doubling - tripling in size...I know it happens. Worry not, friends...I am an equal opportunity enjoyer. And, lest you forget, I do actually OWN a penis...attached, at that...and I know it in every state.


Blogger Rigo said...

You make me miss the world of retail, just a little.

9:48 PM  
Blogger . said...

Sounds like a nice day indeedy. I personally was pretty thrilled with the Jude Law pis but it is in a more star struck sorta way.

10:28 PM  

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